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Wall Street Journal – Oct 2 2021 – “Creature Creep” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Absolutely!” YES
“Haystacks” painter MONET
“Hundo P” DEF
“Jabberwocky” beginning TWAS
“Mask up” spot, for short PSA
“Oh, sure!” IBET
“Pinky promise me!” SWEARONIT
“See ya!” TATA
“We don’t know yet,” in brief TBA
“___ My Man” (1975 Supremes song) HES
17th-century haiku master BASHO
1986 sequel set on the moon LV-426 ALIENS
2014 British Open winner McIlroy RORY
Absolute least BEARMINIMUM
Acquires canines, say TEETHES
Adelphi address ender EDU
Alec’s “Beetlejuice” co-star GEENA
Aware of ONTO
Bailouts RESCUES
Ballpark fig EST
Barbershop request TRIM
Be exceedingly uninteresting BOARTOTEARS
Beachfront porch LANAI
Big name in disinfectant wipes LYSOL
Big ___ (David Ortiz nickname) PAPI
Biting MEAN
Blubber CRY
Bog down MIRE
Boiling byproduct VAPOR
Bother ADO
Breathtaking duo LUNGS
Brief belief ISM
Bring on darkness TERNOFFTHELIGHT
Buddy PAL
Call from a rooftop COO
Car museum car REO
Cardinal topper CREST
Cardinal topper letters STL
Carry oneself with swagger ACTCOOL
Chevys, e.g GMS
Chipotle choices BEEFTACOS
Choosing a ticket VOTING
Color in many retro baseball uniforms POWDERBLUE
Cricket needs BATS
D.C. baseballer NAT
Dallas hoopsters MAVS
Dallas sch SMU
Dawn, to Donne MORN
Defeat soundly CREAM
Diplomatic agents EMISSARIES
Disappointed child’s whine BUTMOM
Div. for the Pitt Panthers ACC
Do a favor OBLIGE
Dominate OWN
Duplicitous group LIARS
Dust collector, for short VAC
Earthy colour OCHRE
Eggy Southern desserts CHESSPIES
Exceedingly TOO
Express lane unit ITEM
Feature of a 66-Across METER
Filling completely SATING
First-grade athletes PEEWEES
Fixed SET
Get hopping mad SEETHE
Give orders DICTATE
Goes back to square one STARTSOVER
Goes off the beaten path STRAYS
Golfer’s handful TEES
Hacker’s triumphant exclamation WEREIN
Hall of Fame knuckleballer Phil NIEKRO
Hangout for horseplayers, in brief OTB
Heated dispute RHUBARB
In this manner THUS
Istanbulite, e.g TURK
It manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory CALTECH
It’s got a point SWORD
Job description list DUTIES
Kamala Harris, vis-à-vis Howard U., e.g ALUM
Knight address SIR
Lid topper EYESHADOW
Like una montaña ALTA
Link letters URL
Liverwort’s cousin MOSS
Lot unit ACRE
Mass email lead-in HIALL
Material in Pfizer labs RNA
Monks’ covers COWLS
Muscle ache treatment ICEWRAP
Music’s Puente TITO
Name that sounds like a meal STU
Nonnative organisms, as found seven times in this puzzle INVASIVESPECIES
Olympic hurdler/bobsledder Jones LOLO
One might be asked “What are the odds?” TIPSTER
Party leaders HOSTS
Penthouse amenity TERRACE
Photographer’s flashers STROBES
Piles ALOT
Pirate’s haul LOOT
Pixar’s first protagonists, e.g TOYS
Point against CON
Police court figure MAGISTRATE
Primitive building material ADOBE
Quarter, e.g COIN
Resisted rebelliousness TOADTHELINE
Rhyming partner of “dined” WINED
Ride with a 16-Down CAB
Right-hand person, for short ASST
Sch. support org PTA
Scooter in 2005 news LIBBY
Short SHY
Side chair’s lack ARMS
Signs of nervousness TWITCHES
Simile snippet ASA
Skilled ABLE
Smooth transition SEGUE
Smoothie add-in BERRY
South Sudan splitter NILE
Spiritual way TAO
Sports stats bureau ELIAS
Squeezing (out) EKING
Stormy state IRE
Subtle summons PSST
Take in DUPE
Tavern in Springfield MOES
Teachers’ org NEA
Territory between Russia and Siberia on a Risk board URAL
Texting system palindrome SMS
Tiny cuts SLITS
To be, to Bolívar SER
Top-selling female recording artist of all time, per Guinness MADONNA
West Coast hub SFO
What une poule lays OEUF
Where bills get passed, briefly ATMS
Where the ball gets dropped on a regular basis GNUYORKCITY
Winner of six Tonys in 2017 DEEREVANHANSEN
Winter air? NOEL
___ Kong HONG