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Wall Street Journal – Oct 22 2018 – Growing Interest

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Clues Answers
‘Ha! Fooled you!’ PSYCH
‘I see it now!’ AHA
‘Laughing’ scavenger HYENA
‘Lawrence of Arabia’ star OTOOLE
‘Paradise Lost’ villain SATAN
‘Yeah, whatever’ IBET
2016 Olympics city RIO
Admonishment to an overly affectionate couple GETAROOM
Assists in illegal activity ABETS
Back in time AGO
Baked fruit desserts APPLETARTS
Butte’s kin MESA
Care for TEND
Chicken ___ king ALA
Conclude END
Country east of Ghana TOGO
Country west of Zambia ANGOLA
Crime family head DON
Deadeye’s forte AIM
Dill pickle serving SPEAR
Farm clucker HEN
Fed proposal, and a hint to what’s hidden in 3-, 9-, 25- and 29-Down RATEHIKE
Field yield CROP
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Gas tank unit GALLON
Gently wash against LAPAT
Gp. of oil producers OPEC
Hand-to-hand combat? POKER
Hindu social class CASTE
Hit with a stun gun TASE
Hot gambler’s boast IMONAROLL
Inner turmoil ANGST
Jazzed (up) AMPED
Kennel sounds YAPS
Little bit TAD
Location to be hit TARGETAREA
Longtime Federer rival NADAL
Low-carb diet PALEO
Lyft cost FARE
Maker of Expression Photo printers EPSON
Marries on the fly ELOPES
Missile for Robin Hood ARROW
Moscow-based news agency TASS
Mountain climber’s tool ICEAXE
Musk of Tesla ELON
Nabisco’s ___ Wafers NILLA
Negligee material LACE
Off the boat ONLAND
Offering from a friendly dog PAW
Plow pullers OXEN
Poems of tribute ODES
Proceed along a route WEND
Provides with free tickets COMPS
Raleigh-to-D.C. dir NNE
Ring over an angel HALO
Rowboat need OAR
Rural stopovers INNS
Sch. in Manhattan NYU
Screen legend Sophia LOREN
Shower with flowers and chocolates, say WOO
Slip up ERR
Snooty sort SNOB
Some charity golf tourneys PROAMS
Spectrum creator PRISM
Stand up ARISE
Sticky stuff on a baseball bat PINETAR
Swelled head EGO
Tax-deferred acct IRA
The Emerald Isle ERIN
Tidy up NEATEN
Understood only by a few ARCANE
Unpleasant things to strike SOURNOTES
Utter disaster FIASCO
View from the boardwalk SEA
Visiting Vienna, say ABROAD
Withdraw from a case RECUSE
___ Jose Sharks SAN