Wall Street Journal – Oct 24 2018 – Zounds!

Clues Answers
‘Jabberwocky’ starter TWAS
‘This is so frustrating!’ GRR
‘___ Around the World’ (Puff Daddy song) BEEN
Add value to ENHANCE
Amoebas, e.g PROTOZOA
Analyst’s concern EGO
Bar patrons’ perches STOOLS
Belief ISM
Book that may have a lock DIARY
Bout site RING
Burden ONUS
Cab customers FARES
Carry-on spot BIN
Case for a pediatric dermatologist? BABYZIT
Cavatina’s cousin ARIA
Check writer PAYER
Component of brass drawer pulls and faucets? KITCHENZINC
Cooked in a clay oven TANDOORI
Corona, for one LAGER
Counterparts of cones RODS
Craftsperson, e.g MAKER
Creates a backup copy, say RESAVES
Cut off END
Declare illegal BAN
Deli counter sight SCALE
Difficult journey TREK
Doohickeys GIZMOS
Door word MEN
Dudley’s ‘Arthur’ co-star LIZA
ESPY-nominated 2001 biopic ALI
Extreme enthusiasm? GREATZEAL
Fall for a senior, e.g SEMESTER
Fire remnant ASH
Folkie Joan BAEZ
Freaky flyers UFOS
Free of markup ATCOST
Funny fellow RIOT
Gimlet garnish LIME
Glass squares PANES
Growth area FIELD
Have takeout, say EATIN
Head coverings prohibited in the NFL DORAGS
Increasingly EVER
Invented identity ALIAS
It may be played in a stadium ORGAN
Kia car RIO
Knotty craft MACRAME
Like Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones WELSH
Like some email filters ANTISPAM
Like the flavor of Lapsang souchong tea SMOKY
Martini garnish OLIVE
Mell Lazarus comic strip MOMMA
Once going by NEE
Overtime cause TIE
Parisian pal AMI
Patches up MENDS
Play group TEAM
Propound POSIT
Puffin, e.g AUK
Reading for felony fans? CRIMEZINE
Sen. Alexander’s state TENN
Silver, in Sevilla PLATA
Symbol of life ANKH
Tennis’s Nastase ILIE
Ticks’ cousins MITES
Traffic-stopping org DEA
Tree with upright cones FIR
Trick or treat, e.g VERB
Try to hit AIMAT
Unspoiled area EDEN
Veep’s boss PREZ
Witty retort from Rigoletto? OPERAZINGER
Worrywart’s woe, supposedly ULCER
Write hastily DASHOFF
Yaks it up GABS
___ Lingus AER

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