Wall Street Journal – Oct 25 2018 – Can Do

Clues Answers
‘David Copperfield’ heroine AGNES
‘I’m sorry to say…’ ALAS
‘Warzone’ musician ONO
‘Yeah, right!’ IBET
16 tablespoons ONECUP
Anna’s sister in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Bluish gray SLATE
Bodily catalysts ENZYMES
Brit brew TEA
Broccoli ___ RABE
Call at home SAFE
Canaries’ owner SPAIN
Cancel key ESC
Clutch component EGG
Demand from a trial witness TRUTH
Die array SPOTS
Do some weaving VEER
Doesn’t guzzle SIPS
Dolby Cinema rival IMAX
Dragster booster TURBO
Entourage POSSE
Fall back EBB
Fashionista’s read ELLE
Fat Man, for one ABOMB
Fit for fumigating, as a belfry? DEBATABLE
Fit for limiting, as salaries? CAPABLE
Fit for occupying, as a den in the woods? BEARABLE
Fit for praising, as a sermon? AMENABLE
Fit for wagering, as a poker chip? POTABLE
For the immediate future NEARTERM
Founder FAIL
Freshen RENEW
Get high for a spell? SKYWRITE
Gibson garnish ONION
Harder to read, perhaps TINIER
Heart, e.g ORGAN
High hit LOB
Historic records ANNALS
Huggies competitor LUVS
Indication of reckless driving? FORE
Like the Tapanuli orangutan SUMATRAN
Linked up MET
Lipstick mishaps SMEARS
Look to be SEEM
Make out ESPY
Many a Middle Easterner ARAB
Middle Kingdom amulets SCARABS
Miter joint feature BEVEL
Much-praised name ALLAH
Name meaning ‘faithful’ FIDO
Neon fish TETRAS
Not fit for rating highly, as Nadia Comaneci? UNTENABLE
November birthstone TOPAZ
On the summit of ATOP
Out of bed ASTIR
Overcharges SOAKS
Package part LABEL
Painter Thomas of the Hudson River School COLE
Phone reading EMAIL
Point of view STANCE
Pronto, while operating STAT
Put on again RERAN
Quinella cousin EXACTA
Recharge one’s batteries REST
Row of pawns, e.g OCTET
Shindig BASH
Significant sign OMEN
Site of sites WEB
Stellar phenomenon NOVA
Subtracting LESS
Watch kids SIT
Went through channels? SWAM
Where to see the La Quebrada cliff divers ACAPULCO
Work on a wall MURAL

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