Wall Street Journal – Oct 27 2018 – Biting Humor

Clues Answers
‘American Buffalo’ playwright MAMET
‘Dark Shadows’ airer ABC
‘Do what I say!’ OBEY
‘Midnight in Paris’ director ALLEN
‘No More Victims’ org MADD
‘Sicario’ character NARC
‘The Devil in Miss Jones,’ e.g ADULTMOVIE
‘Winsanity’ airer GSN
‘___ Beso’ ESO
Alternatively, online OTOH
Andy Kaufman’s ‘Taxi’ role LATKA
At a time in the past ONCE
Aussie gal SHEILA
Bear in the night sky URSA
Bedtime for Dracula? COFFINSPELL
Bellatrix, Regulus or Sirius STAR
Bit of choreography STEP
Bolan of T. Rex MARC
Bram Stoker’s homeland EIRE
Butcher’s stock MEAT
Cab competitor UBER
Campbell of ‘Scream’ NEVE
Cargo ship load CONTAINERS
Carol opening ADESTE
Cave ceiling, for vampires ROOST
Churches in Westeros SEPTS
Citi Field predecessor SHEA
Colt with arms SAMUEL
Complain CARP
Contaminated IMPURE
Corn concoction PONE
Creepy EERIE
Deco designer ERTE
Dix plus un ONZE
Doc bloc AMA
Dracula as an overindulged child? SPOILEDBAT
Dracula’s boat? BLOODVESSEL
Dracula’s quilt fill? DOWNFORTHECOUNT
Dracula, when he’s annoying? PAININTHENECK
Draw conclusions INFER
Dull browns TAUPES
Engage in histrionics EMOTE
Escape LAM
Essen exclamation ACH
Explorer Shackleton ERNEST
Explosive experiments ATESTS
Extra locks TOUPEE
Forgo frugality SPEND
Friendly AFFABLE
Get rid of SHED
Ghosts, literarily SHADES
Guitar pioneer Paul LES
Hammer head half PEEN
Hardly friendly ALOOF
Having a shot to win INIT
Improve HONE
In direct confrontation TOETOTOE
iPhone forerunners PDAS
Israeli desert city BEERSHEBA
Joint filer SPOUSE
Juilliard major DANCE
Kidney enzyme RENIN
Kindergarten song refrain EIEIO
Kitchen draw AROMA
Korean minivan KIASEDONA
Let the cat out of the bag BLAB
Letter before Bravo ALFA
Litigious bunch SUERS
Little illuminators PENLITES
Lived a purposeful life, like Dracula? DIDNOTDIEINVEIN
Makes finer SIFTS
Match parts SETS
Meets with, as hard times FALLSON
Merchandise GOODS
Mil. hospitals VAS
Monopoly pieces HOTELS
More than buzzed STONED
Morse morsel DAH
Name on California gas stations ARCO
Native Israeli SABRA
No-___ (obvious solution) BRAINER
NYSE listings COS
October 31, e.g DATE
Old sundial number IIII
Ollie’s ‘A-Haunting We Will Go’ partner STAN
Orchestra alternative LOGE
Painting class equipment EASELS
Pilgrimage destination MECCA
Pituitary hormone ACTH
Pomona College player SAGEHEN
Posturing person SNOB
Prado display ARTE
Praise KUDOS
Prey of the Morlocks, in ‘The Time Machine’ ELOI
Ratted out TOLDON
Related to K-12 ELHI
Remove the skin of PARE
Response from an accident survivor IMOK
Rooibos beverage REDTEA
Rooting section? SOIL
School whose home games are played in the L.A. Coliseum USC
Shogun entertainer GEISHA
Show conclusively PROVE
Sign at an information desk ASKME
Siouan speakers OTOES
Slimy stuff OOZE
Sneaky fellow PETE
Some saxes ALTOS
Soon, to Shakespeare ANON
Soothing stuff ALOE
Southern cooking guru Paula DEEN
Spot SEE
Starter’s stat LOSSES
Sunny starter HELIO
Sweet drink for Dracula? SUCKERPUNCH
Take in EARN
Talk sheepishly BLEAT
Terminates ENDS
Threatening adversary for Dracula? STAKEHOLDER
Tide variety NEAP
Till fill CASH
Torcher’s doing ARSON
U.S. Open tennis stadium honoree ASHE
Uses scare tactics on COWS
View from the Fr. Riviera MEDIT
Way to go DISTANCE
What’s left ESTATE
Where ‘Three Sunflowers in a Vase’ was painted ARLES
Who lives forever NOONE
Why Dracula’s would-be pickup rejected him? NOTHERTYPE
Woman of the House PELOSI
Work at a bar TEND
Work on wood SAND
World’s most populous landlocked country ETHIOPIA
You might take his word for it ROGET

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