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Wall Street Journal – Oct 29 2018 – Haunting Season

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Clues Answers
‘Bates Motel’ mother NORMA
‘Krazy ___’ KAT
‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer ADELE
‘The Crucible’ won one in 1953 TONY
‘War and Peace’ writer TOLSTOY
‘___ mad as hell, and…’ (‘Network’ cry) IMAS
2007 William Gibson novel SPOOKCOUNTRY
3-D, in combinations HOLO
Agreement with un hombre SISENOR
Andy Warhol’s field POPART
Bears’ lairs DENS
Big brouhaha ADO
Big health insurance company AETNA
Blows one’s top ERUPTS
Cause of some sparks STATIC
Conclusion STOP
Convent residents NUNS
Demolition device DETONATOR
Distinctive smell ODOR
Fawns over KOWTOWSTO
Fight against RESIST
Finish END
Fix a floor, in a way RETILE
Flavoring liquids EXTRACTS
Follow as a consequence ENSUE
From the U.S AMER
Give an address SPEAK
Go-back-a-step computer command UNDO
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Heavyweight wrestling SUMO
Horror star Christopher LEE
Humiliate ABASE
Iditarod, Alaska, for one GHOSTTOWN
Istanbul native TURK
Jack the Ripper, for one LONDONER
Jason’s ship ARGO
Like vampires and zombies UNDEAD
Long stories EPICS
Marilyn of ‘The Misfits’ MONROE
Meetings to resolve problems SITDOWNS
Mix up STIR
Narrow stretch of water STRAIT
Neptune rules them SEAS
Owl’s home NEST
Pita-wrapped Greek sandwiches GYROS
Position for Polk, November or K ELEVENTH
Programming pro CODER
Promote shamelessly TOUT
Radical 1960s campus org SDS
Recipe amts TSPS
Retired Mississippi senator Trent LOTT
Run off to wed ELOPE
Scheme PLAN
Scrooge utterances BAHS
Setting of ‘Friday the 13th’ CAMP
Smelting waste DROSS
Snapshot PIC
Specks MOTES
Sports play replay SLOMO
Sticky stuff used by actors to attach fake beards SPIRITGUM
Stipulations PROVISOS
Tennis court divider NET
Their eyes may be used in witches’ brews NEWTS
Tropical mammals with flexible snouts TAPIRS
Two in binary or ten in decimal, in math RADIX
Watchdog warning GRR
Wilson of 1999’s ‘The Haunting’ OWEN
Word paired with neither NOR
Worker bonus tied to future share value PHANTOMSTOCK