Wall Street Journal – Oct 3 2018 – Airing the House

Clues Answers
‘Deck the Halls’ contraction TIS
‘Gavel-to-gavel’ broadcaster, and a hint to six long answers in this puzzle CSPAN
‘Gentle way’ in Japanese JUDO
‘Hogwash!’ BAH
‘My Children! My Africa!’ playwright Fugard ATHOL
4,840 square yards ACRE
Altiplano animal LLAMA
Argue pedantically CHOPLOGIC
Brewer’s buy HOPS
Bro’s kin SIS
Brushback pitch, informally CHINMUSIC
Buzz in space ALDRIN
Canyon feature RIM
Commercial duck’s utterance AFLAC
Corrida creatures TOROS
Denial from Dumas NON
Desperate, perhaps INCRISIS
Director Anderson WES
Engraver Albrecht DURER
Fabled figure? AESOP
Filmography listing ROLE
Garlicky spread AIOLI
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Groundskeeper’s need MOWER
Hardly avant-garde OLDSCHOOL
He broke with Stalin in 1948 TITO
Heffalump’s creator MILNE
Hostess’s equivalent of Drake’s Yodels HOHOS
Impress greatly WOW
It includes a tiger, a monkey, a dragon and nine more CHINESEZODIAC
Japanese honorific SAN
Key numbers? PASSCODES
Keyboard Cat, e.g MEME
Kick back LAZE
Like some lingerie LACY
Little nibbles ORTS
Many a police car, familiarly CROWNVIC
Mount Merapi’s island JAVA
Museum model DIORAMA
Nike competitor AVIA
One may be laser-activated ALARM
One side of the Iron Curtain COMMUNISTBLOC
Orchestral offering SUITE
Perfectly TOATURN
Perspective intro IDSAY
Point at which a curve intersects itself NODE
Police force paragon SUPERCOP
Post-fourth-qtr. periods OTS
POTUS, militarily CIC
Promising words IWILL
Put on AIR
Removed APART
Result of prank pulling, perhaps WEDGIE
Revise AMEND
Salk’s conquest POLIO
Second person in the Bible THEE
See 30-Down OPS
See 9-Down PAL
Showing, in a way ONTV
Some antique autos REOS
Some lyric writers ODISTS
Suburbia feature CULDESAC
Sushi choice EEL
Tawny cat PUMA
Tylenol target PAIN
Ultimate Waffle Stack seller IHOP
Volume bit FOLIO
Wad of Skoal CHAW
Warmly welcome ASKIN
What a green flag marks? HOLE
With 10-Across, a foreign correspondent PEN
With 28-Across, some CIA business SPEC
Words to soothe a toddler ITSOK

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