Wall Street Journal – Oct 30 2018 – Skeleton Crew

Clues Answers
‘Keen!’ NEATO
‘Quit ___ bellyachin’!’ YER
‘The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter’ writer McCullers CARSON
‘You wish!’ ASIF
1953 Leslie Caron movie LILI
1960s TV title role for Bruno the Bear GENTLEBEN
All Hallows’ ___ EVE
Augustus, for one EMPEROR
Bachelor’s last words IDO
Bill producer ATM
Broadcast AIR
Burglary and battery CRIMES
Caterer’s coffee dispensers URNS
Choice before anybody else FIRSTDIBS
City on Alaska’s panhandle SITKA
Cologne conjunction UND
Cyberball seller ATARI
Daisy variety OXEYE
Deadens NUMBS
Diatribes RANTS
Dismiss with derision SNORTAT
Donated GAVE
Earth: Prefix GEO
Famous NOTED
Filming site SET
Flavoring similar to licorice ANISE
Forerunners of radials BIASTIRES
Fractures found in this puzzle’s circles BROKENBONES
General of Augustus’s fleet against Mark Antony AGRIPPA
Glowing coal EMBER
Green sauce PESTO
Group of whales GAM
Hideout LAIR
Historian’s topics ERAS
In an uncontrolled state AMOK
Item in a trick-or-treater’s bag GUM
Journalists Stewart and Joseph ALSOPS
Kin of Inc LTD
Knock off, in mob lingo ICE
Lawyer’s fee RETAINER
Like some highlighter colors NEON
Make a boo-boo ERR
March participant PROTESTER
Mountain road feature ESS
Name on fish stick packages MRSPAUL
On the fritz KAPUT
One might be found above a theater door EXITSIGN
Outpourings SPATES
Past, for one TENSE
Pete’s Wicked, for one ALE
Picks from a lineup IDS
Places for peels SPAS
Poker payment ANTE
Prefix for plasm ECTO
Presidential middle name between Fitzgerald and Milhous BAINES
Prez on pennies ABE
Prickly plants CACTI
Radiate EMIT
Record of events ANNAL
Request from a bored person AMUSEME
Revealing memoir TELLALL
Russian’s refusal NYET
Sch. support org PTA
Sculptor/architect Maya LIN
See 31-Down RAY
Senator’s staff member AIDE
Some hosp. workers MDS
Spiny-leaved plants ALOES
State fair prizes RIBBONS
Swindle CON
Terre surrounded by mer ILE
Trip around the track LAP
Trot, canter and gallop GAITS
Witch’s black pet CAT
With 60-Down, devilfish MANTA
Yank’s foe REB

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