Wall Street Journal – Oct 4 2018 – Rambling

Clues Answers
‘…and giving ___, up the chimney he rose’ ANOD
‘Should the contrary be the case…’ IFNOT
‘What am ___ do?’ ITO
Bankruptcy filer of late 2001 ENRON
Barista’s creation MOCHA
Bishop’s domain DIOCESE, SEE
Cat Nation members ERIES
Chestnut cousin SEPIA
Company whose Tamam subsidiary supplies kosher meals ELAL
Confuse ADDLE
Conversation among anglers? PIERCHAT
Course in a French painter’s curriculum covering hat-wearing? BERETED
Crustacean with Olympic ambitions? CRABDIVER
Disease responsible for several historic pandemics CHOLERA
Dissertation defenses, often ORALS
Do after dark SOIREE
Dune buggy, e.g ATV
Early adviser to Henry VIII WOLSEY
Exclamations of contentment or surprise AHS
Fabled fabricator ELF
Fille, in the future FEMME
Fine-tune HONE
Friends sometimes share them SECRETS
Girl in ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ TOPSY
Go wrong ERR
Gone astray LOST
Ham-handed fellow KLUTZ
Ham-handed fellows APES
Heads up HELMS
Height, in combinations ACRO
Hero’s collection MEDALS
Humiliate ABASE
Is paid EARNS
Item with bindings SKI
K.C.-to-Chicago heading ENE
Kilogram of water LITER
Leisure EASE
Light toy KITE
Likely to be duped? CONPRONE
Liquid-Plumr rival DRANO
Love, personified EROS
Low form of wit, supposedly PUN
Maze explorer LABRAT
Mountaineer’s tool ICEAX
Novelist Calvino ITALO
Object of 1950s liking IKE
One way to serve ham ONRYE
Otherwise ELSE
Paper section ARTS
Phone no. addition EXT
Pitcher in a still life EWER
Prudent WISE
Put in a second slot RERAN
Relocation pro, and a hint for six of this puzzle’s answers MOVER
Result of avian overfeeding? BEAKCRAMP
Ribbon, at times AWARD
Sacred song PSALM
Salty septet SEAS
Sandal style OPENTOE
Seize NAB
Series finale, often ETC
Shirt with a daring message? RASHTEE
Sky pilot PADRE
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Sold with clicks ETAILED
Sound of disapproval TSK
Subject of Emperor Chimalpopoca AZTEC
Supplement to Soc. Sec IRA
Thumbnail, perhaps BIO
Treat with its name on both sides OREO
Versatile piece of furniture DAYBED
Very much SORELY
Without emotion STONILY
Yielding SOFT
Young’s partner in accounting ERNST
___ Hashana ROSH

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