Wall Street Journal – Oct 4 2022 – “Call the Cops” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“2001” computer HAL
“Away with you!” SCAT
“I could go on and on” ETC
“Look what I did!” TADA
“Oh, sure!” IBET
“Once more ___ the breach, dear friends…” UNTO
“This is terrible!” OHNO
“___ favor” POR
African expanse SAHARA
Authorizes OKAYS
Ball ORB
Billy Wilder film “___ la Douce” IRMA
Bound like a bunny HOP
Brewpub beverages ALES
Bridle part REIN
Brouhahas ADOS
Builder’s wing ELL
Canyonlands National Park feature MESA
Catch being bad BUST
City on the Missouri River OMAHA
Cloister head ABBESS
Closet function STORAGE
Cobbler’s kin PIE
Commit a diamond heist in a ballpark? STEALABASE
Commit assault in a shop? SLASHPRICES
Commit battery at the pool? BEATTHEHEAT
Commit fraud at the hospital? CHEATDEATH
Commit game theft in the kitchen? POACHANEGG
Confront aggressively ACCOST
Doja Cat specialty RAP
Donkey call BRAY
Downward dog, e.g ASANA
Driver of “Marriage Story” ADAM
Edinburgh denial NAE
Enjoy a favorite novel, perhaps REREAD
Fa-la go-between SOL
Fanzine figure IDOL
Foot fivesome TOES
Friendship 7 astronaut GLENN
Give over CEDE
Greek X CHI
Grove growth TREE
Implore BEG
Inspiring goddesses MUSES
Intervenes STEPSIN
It’s over your head SKY
Kindle download BOOK
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Like concerts with lawn seating OPENAIR
Like some beer and bread YEASTY
Like ultraprecise clocks ATOMIC
Line of text? HYPHEN
Mussorgsky’s “Pictures ___ Exhibition” ATAN
Oppressive ruler TYRANT
Pawn for a Greek god MORTAL
Perlman of “Cheers” RHEA
Polynesian island group SAMOA
Porgy’s love BESS
Preliminary words INTRO
Prescription info DOSE
Rash of unlawful activity, as featured in this puzzle CRIMESPREE
Shinbone TIBIA
Some change DIMES
Sort ILK
Splinter group SECT
Stadium show equipment AMPS
Surpass OUTDO
Tennis star Murray ANDY
They sometimes disappear in the laundry SOCKS
Timeline segment ERA
Treasury Dept. division IRS
Type of vaccine or exam ORAL
U.N. secretary-general Hammarskjöld DAG
Unlucky accident MISHAP
Unwelcome aquarium growth ALGAE
Vegan creamer option OATMILK
Zodiac animal RAM

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