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Wall Street Journal – Oct 6 2018 – Disharmony

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Clues Answers
‘Get moving!’ HOPTO
‘Jeopardy!’ producer SONY
‘Matter of Fact’ columnist Joseph ALSOP
‘Norma’ number ARIA
‘Right back ___!’ ATYOU
‘Uh-huh!’ YEP
‘We have divided in three our kingdom’ speaker LEAR
‘You’re Easy on the Eyes’ singer Clark TERRI
‘___ for the Misbegotten’ AMOON
…and the brass section kept ___ LOCKINGHORNS
…but the trombonists were willing to ___.. LETITSLIDE
…the drummer was tired of ___.. STICKINGAROUND
…the governing board decided the situation called for ___.. DRASTICMEASURES
…the guitarist was constantly ___.. FRETTING
…the organist wouldn’t ___.. PIPEDOWN
…the pianist was ___.. ALLKEYEDUP
…the violinists were in favor of ___.. PULLINGSTRINGS
Academy newbie PLEB
Adds at the last minute EDGESIN
Altar exchange IDOS
Angry oath CUSSWORD
Asteroids source ATARI
Atlas section ASIA
Battle of ___ Creek (1780 Tennessee fight) BOYDS
Before, poetically ERE
Benedictine’s wear COWL
Blood pressure raiser STRESS
Bob of ‘Full House’ SAGET
Botanist’s field FLORA
Brooch stone AGATE
Cattle driver GOAD
Caver’s cry UNCLE
Cleared, as a gaming table RAKED
Clutter-clearing event LAWNSALE
Cold shower SLEET
Comes out EMERGES
Commotion ADO
Confession count SINS
Croats and Serbs SLAVS
Cyan’s kin TEAL
Deck crew chiefs BOSNS
Destroy bit by bit ERODE
Dine late SUP
Diner on ‘Alice’ MELS
Diplomatic doings TALKS
Disinclined AVERSE
Dubai dignitaries EMIRS
Ear, in combinations OTO
Early anesthetic ETHER
Earthquake or flood, e.g ACTOFGOD
Egypt’s Sadat ANWAR
Elusive Himalayan YETI
Email address, often USERID
End of some company names SONS
Entire, in music TUTTO
Equinox mo SEPT
Euro divs CTS
First European to discover New Zealand TASMAN
Fish-catching eagles ERNES
Fixes a hem RESEWS
Flock members LAICS
Flock members EWES
Foot part INCH
Gaelic ERSE
George’s songwriting partner IRA
Goods producers: Abbr MFRS
Gregarious SOCIAL
Half a fathom YARD
Harness race entrant TROTTER
He resigned in October 1973 AGNEW
Holiday lead-ins EVES
Horace collection ODES
Hurler Hershiser OREL
Inflexible RIGID
IV inserters, at times EMTS
Lapland people SAMI
Less fresh STALER
Like ‘marimba’ and ‘basenji’ BANTU
Like a velvet Elvis KITSCHY
Like medieval Europe FEUDAL
Like some memorable days REDLETTER
Line crosser SCAB
Lisa of CNN LING
List of candidates SLATE
Loan figs PCTS
Lucy’s love DESI
Macadam ingredient TAR
Make clearer, maybe EDIT
Marseille menu CARTE
Marty’s ‘Young Frankenstein’ role IGOR
Mediocre, review-wise TWOSTAR
Medium SEER
Merlin Olsen, for his entire pro career RAM
Minnow mover FIN
Misty Copeland costume TUTU
More bizarre ODDER
Name on ‘Pulp Fiction’ posters UMA
Neighborhood AREA
Ness’s crew TMEN
Network that became Spike TV in 2003 TNN
Never, to Nietzsche NIE
Notre Dame honoree DIEU
On ___ (commensurate) APAR
Org. in post-Katrina news FEMA
Pep rally shout RAH
Perp zapper TASER
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Play reviewer REF
Pooh’s pessimistic pal EEYORE
Purported ALLEGED
Rachael Ray cooking staple, for short EVOO
Radius neighbor ULNA
Record exec’s drawerful DEMOS
Schnitzel base VEAL
Scholars’ collars ETONS
Shrunken sea ARAL
Sidekick with a headband TONTO
Simple song DITTY
Socket for a camera’s flash SHOE
Sparkling wine ASTI
Special Forces headgear BERETS
Stay ahead of ELUDE
Story in une maison ETAGE
Subject of a snap, often YOMAMA
Tacky stuff GOO
The orchestra was in turmoil; the conductor didn’t ___.. KNOWTHESCORE
They may be blank STARES
Time off, slangily VACAY
Title of respect in India SRI
Underworld parties MAFIOSI
Vb. form like ‘to be’ INF
Wanda of ‘Black-ish’ SYKES
Watchdog warning GRR
Way beyond bad ROTTEN
Way over yonder AFAR
With bated breath EAGERLY
Withers FADES
Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant SPAGO