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Wall Street Journal – Oct 7 2021 – “Watch Out!” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Dónde ___?” (“Where are you?”) ESTAS
“Take it or leave it” ASIS
“The Giving Tree” writer Silverstein SHEL
“The Last Jedi” heroine REY
“What a shame!” ALAS
1,300-pound occupant of the Oval Office OAKDESK
Adoption org SPCA
Autos originally from Oxford MGS
Backpack pair STRAPS
Beauty and a nightingale were the focus of two ODES
Best-known film role for Clara Blandick AUNTIEEM
Biologists’ groupings TAXA
Brewer Adams SAM
Bumpkin HICK
Bygone fruit juice brand ODWALLA
Carpeting calculation AREA
Co-defendant in a 1921 trial SACCO
Comprises HAS
Conceited smile SMIRK
Disembodied answerer SIRI
DNA collectors CSIS
Enjoy to an excessive degree WALLOWIN
Euphonium’s kin BASSTUBA
Excellent, in slang DOPE
Expression of alarm MERCYME
Feathery wear BOA
Final Oldsmobile model ALERO
Food truck fare TACO
French military caps KEPIS
Genial query HOWSLIFE
Gist NUB
Haul LUG
Hearst kidnapping grp SLA
Hide partner SEEK
Hooey ROT
Indignant exclamation MOI
Inner Hebrides island SKYE
Invoice no ACCT
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Kaaba dedicatee ALLAH
Laments RUES
Lose it ERUPT
Mariner’s milieu SEA
May in the U.K., e.g EXPM
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Modern meeting facilitator ZOOM
Nellie’s last name on “Little House on the Prairie” OLESON
Nottingham native, e.g BRITON
Panache ELAN
Party bowlful SALSA
Patch (together) COBBLE
Playful pup, perhaps OTTER
Plugs away TOILS
QB boo-boo INT
Relaxed phase of a heartbeat DIASTOLE
Rip off SCAM
Run away BOLT
Sábado, por ejemplo DIA
Sch. with 23 campuses CALSTATE
See 65-Across SLOPES
Service site CHAPEL
Shoves off SETSSAIL
Showy shrubs AZALEAS
Singers Jolson and Jarreau ALS
Slow to act DILATORY
Snick and ___ (fight with a knife) SNEE
Some med. workers LPNS
Some ref calls TKOS
Some tablets ASPIRINS
Stylist’s creations DOS
The rest, in Latin CETERA
Thesaurus wd SYN
They don’t get returned ACES
They’re measured in degrees ARCS
Throws in ADDS
TV watchers, of a sort: Abbr FCC
With 68-Across, precarious situations, as suggested by the circled letters SLIPPERY
Words of refutation ITISNT