Wall Street Journal – Oct 7 2022 – “Consider the Alternative” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Amazing Grace” word WRETCH
“Back to the Future” surname MCFLY
“Blitzkrieg Bop” chant HEYHO
“Get Out” genre SATIRE
“I guess that works” YEAHOK
“What up, bro!” HEYMAN
Aircraft twisting YAW
Apportions (out) DOLES
Arms are moved in and out of it SLEEVE
Below average POOR
Birch family tree ALDER
Brief letter closing BEST
Casper Ruud’s birth city OSLO
Cheese go-with MAC
Citizen of a small Mediterranean nation MONACAN
Court TV event TRIAL
Cover for someone, say LIE
D.C. figure SEN
Danish shoe brand since 1963 ECCO
Drenched WET
Dropped dictionary sound THUD
Energizer size AAAA
Eye part UVEA
Floor cleaner MOP
General on menus TSO
Gets a turn ROTATES
Give a ticket to CITE
Hajji’s faith ISLAM
Hazy history LORE
Horrific humanoids ORCS
In the manner of ALA
It can be 1 or 11 in 21 ACE
Items in a 1990s “tower” CDS
Kendrick and Kournikova ANNAS
Korbut or Kurylenko OLGA
Letter after phi CHI
List closing ETC
Madame, in München FRAU
Marina craft YACHT
Maximum effort ALL
Minor number DITTY
Narrowly defeat EDGE
Nat. on the Adriatic CRO
Nearer to the front of the body ANTERIOR
Nervous chuckle HEH
Nightmare street of film ELM
One of Shakespeare’s plays MACBETH
One of the Ivy League schools CORNELL
One of the months of the year JANUARY
One of the New England states CONNECTICUT
One of the presidents of the U.S WASHINGTON
One of the sevenths of the week THURSDAY
Paris airport ORLY
Per ___ DIEM
Professor’s org NEA
Query to the grillmaster ISITDONEYET
Rage IRE
Rice-A-___ RONI
Rome debut of 1900 TOSCA
Salieri’s reply in “Amadeus” to the line: “All men are equal in God’s eyes” ARETHEY
Sauce served chilled AIOLI
Seam material ORE
She/___ HER
Southern Hemisphere city, briefly RIO
Stewart or Batiste JON
Stops a sailboat’s forward motion LAYSTO
Sylvia Plath novel THEBELLJAR
Thus far ASYET
Try to locate SEEK
Undermine ERODE
Votes against NAYS
Walk with a hitch LIMP
With skill ABLY
___ Head, North Carolina NAGS
___ pants (bed clothing) PAJAMA
___ Park (noted lab site) MENLO

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