Wall Street Journal – Oct 8 2018 – Tattoo You

Clues Answers
‘A Fish Called Wanda’ Oscar winner KEVINKLINE
‘Rashomon’ director Kurosawa AKIRA
1980s ‘Meet the Press’ host MARVINKALB
Asian capital city HANOI
At the peak of ATOP
Bee bunch SWARM
Big Apple-based fashion label DKNY
Bit of celery STALK
Broken down KAPUT
Bus. school course ECON
Capital of Turkey ANKARA
Cheshire Cat feature GRIN
Children’s TV character portrayed by Bob Keeshan CAPTAINKANGAROO
Columbia Pictures parent company SONY
Comprehension UPTAKE
Country south of Azerbaijan IRAN
Country that shares a long border with Argentina CHILE
Coup d’___ ETAT
Dangers PERILS
Dorothy, to Em and Henry NIECE
Expressed wonder OOHED
Factor of every prime number ONE
Folded French food CREPE
Friend of Harry and Hermione RON
Geese formation VEE
GM tracking system ONSTAR
Go after CHASE
Golfer’s goal HOLE
Greek X CHI
Hectic hosp. spots ERS
Hitchhike BUMARIDE
Incredible bargain STEAL
Jackie of ‘Rush Hour’ CHAN
Keep in reserve HOLD
Lacking sense INANE
Largest city on the Big Island HILO
Lobbying orgs PACS
Long of ‘The Best Man’ NIA
Long stretch of time EON
Machu Picchu’s land PERU
Moisturizing additive ALOE
Moo ___ pork SHU
Music’s ___ & the Gang KOOL
Nanny’s offspring KID
Off-road wheels, for short ATV
Otherwise ELSE
Out of bed RISEN
Pasture LEA
Personal affront SLAP
Pioneering TV producer RCA
Popeye, for example SAILOR
Post-gym woe ACHE
Quarterback Jared Goff’s team RAMS
Quarterback who famously knelt during the anthem in 2016 COLINKAEPERNICK
Quoted as a source CITED
Run up, as debt INCUR
Showed on TV AIRED
Shrewd bargain HORSETRADE
Six-time All-Star Moises ALOU
Soprano solo ARIA
SpaceX founder Musk ELON
Specifics, informally DEETS
State of uncertainty LIMBO
Steakhouse choices TBONES
Student driver’s paper PERMIT
Sunflower product OIL
Tattoos, slangily, sported by the four longest Across answers INK
Tavern sign gas NEON
Tree surgeon’s tool CHAINSAW
Tug of war need ROPE
War-torn Syrian city ALEPPO
Welcome at the door ASKIN
___ Alamos, New Mexico LOS
___ Plaines, Illinois DES

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