Wall Street Journal – Oct 9 2018 – Questions of Law

Clues Answers
‘Black-ish’ father DRE
‘Calm down!’ RELAX
‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘Eureka’ for California, e.g MOTTO
‘Now, nurse!’ STAT
+ or -, in math OPERATOR
Abby’s twin sister ANN
Alabama city famous in civil rights history SELMA
Apt defense for a heretic on trial? REASONABLEDOUBT
Apt description for a credit card thief? GUILTYASCHARGED
Apt designation for a team of plagiarists? REPEATOFFENDERS
Attend uninvited CRASH
Back muscles LATS
Big commotions ADOS
Biz bigwigs CEOS
Boy in a Johnny Cash song SUE
Camden Yards player ORIOLE
Caught sight of SPIED
Claiming Fido as a dependent, e.g TAXFRAUD
Come apart at the seams FRAY
Compact Nissan SENTRA
Connect JOIN
Epic poem divisions CANTOS
Feel in one’s bones INTUIT
Final movement in a sonata RONDO
Flooring with veins MARBLE
French article LES
Genesis follower EXODUS
Get some exercise in the park JOG
Get-up TOGS
Giants great Willie MAYS
Gives up CEDES
Gorilla GOON
Home of Odin and Thor ASGARD
In the style of ALA
It can be + or -, in chemistry ION
It flows into the Missouri south of Omaha PLATTE
It’s available in spools and picks FLOSS
JFK column ARR
Just adequate SOSO
Kidney-related RENAL
Kitchen emanations AROMAS
Like bulls and bucks MALE
Listless feeling ENNUI
May race, familiarly INDY
Merry tune LILT
More ill-humored DOURER
Nonsense TRIPE
Oklahoma Sooners basketball coach Kruger LON
One might be tipped HAT
Practical eternity EONS
Raise REAR
Reactor-monitoring org NRC
Really enjoy SAVOR
Remove from a drive ERASE
Roguish rascal IMP
Scary shout BOO
Shaker sprinkle SALT
Short sketch VIGNETTE
Sign on the interstate RESTAREA
Simpson’s musical partner ASHFORD
Suit to ___ ATEE
Three-time winner of the Nobel Peace Prize REDCROSS
Ticked off SORE
TV’s Trebek ALEX
University of Maine town ORONO
What a logarithm is, essentially EXPONENT
Where many countdowns start ATTEN
Written in an affected way MANNERED
___ Gay (famed bomber) ENOLA

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