Wall Street Journal – Sep 1 2018 – Split Peas

Clues Answers
‘Help ___ the way’ ISON
‘Love Story’ writer Erich SEGAL
‘Oh, gotcha!’ ISEE
1941 role for Welles KANE
1965 song whose title character ‘doesn’t have a point of view’ NOWHEREMAN
1996 loser to Bill ROSS
1996 loser to Clinton DOLE
Abbas’s group: Abbr PLO
Adm.’s underling CAPT
Al Smith’s successor as New York governor, for short FDR
Alley challenge SPLIT
Alternative to a kick in the butt? RUMPPUNCH
Apiarist’s collection HIVES
Appearance GUISE
Armpit, anatomically AXILLA
At all times EVER
Avaricious impulse GREED
Battery makeup EXAMS
Beastly fellow OGRE
Big fuss ADO
Blubber BAWL
Blunder SLIPUP
Britney Spears’s ‘___ Slave 4 U’ IMA
Brittle wood? CRISPPINE
Brown quickly SEAR
Bulldog backers ELIS
Capacitor unit FARAD
Capital in the Willamette Valley SALEM
Carpeting alternative TILE
Cartoon studio souvenirs CELS
Christine of ‘Chicago Hope’ LAHTI
Completely modest EGOLESS
Composer Dvorak ANTONIN
Confess AVOW
Cries of insight AHAS
Daisy’s cousin ASTER
DDE’s predecessor HST
Demean ABASE
Dessert with a full rounded shape? PLUMPPUDDING
Domain of Faunus ANIMALS
Driving as fast as possible FLOORINGIT
Earned after expenses NETTED
Elite group ATEAM
Embedded spy PLANT
Fix a flat RESOLE
Flower holders on small porches? STOOPPOTS
FORTRAN program feature DOLOOP
Fresh start? NEO
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Gimlet and screwdriver TOOLS
Graphical representation of a bounding gait? LOPEPROFILE
Green feature HOLE
Head of the buckle company? CLASPPRESIDENT
Hightailed it RAN
Home of Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ PRADO
Honker SNOOT
Hygienist’s suggestion FLOSS
Ice cream buy PINT
Iron, to Eiffel FER
Joyous cry WHOOP
Kent can LOO
King prawn of the Muppets PEPE
King with three daughters LEAR
Kitchen collection SPICES
Koi ponds? CARPPOOLS
Lambrusco and Chianti VINOS
Like Loki NORSE
Like some old characters RUNIC
Likely to fall over ATILT
Litters’ littlest RUNTS
Lobster’s feeler PALP
Lyle Lovett song ‘If I Had ___’ ABOAT
Make sound CURE
Martin Van Buren’s wife HANNAH
Medicinal concoctions ELIXIRS
Memorable stretch ERA
Metal sources ORES
Microwave sound primed and ready to go? BEEPPREPARED
Milk, to Marcellus LAC
Mongolian word for ‘ocean’ DALAI
Monograph TREATISE
Nabisco wafer brand NILLA
Nats outfielder Adam EATON
Negative conjunction NOR
Old photo tint SEPIA
On ___ (enjoying success) AROLL
One-time connector ATA
Out of sorts ILL
Outback avifauna EMUS
Patriot’s flag, e.g LAPELPIN
Penna. neighbor DEL
Persevere HANGIN
Ping producer SONAR
Pinker inside RARER
Play broadly EMOTE
Pupil surrounder IRIS
Puppy photographed for posterity? WHELPPRESERVED
Reagan’s special envoy to the Mideast Philip HABIB
Reciprocally INRETURN
Regarding APROPOS
Rep.’s counterpart SEN
Repeated phrase RIFF
Rocket part NOSECONE
Rowling’s ‘Half-Blood Prince’ SNAPE
Semicircular shape CEE
Sentence reducer, at times EDITOR
Sets the price at ASKS
Shakes off ELUDES
Shock the prudes SWEAR
Skin quality TONE
Small frog PEEPER
Smart CHIC
Soften MELT
Soul-destroying TEDIOUS
Sound from a building ledge COO
Spotted prowler OCELOT
Subject of the painting that gave Impressionism its name SUNRISE
Superior sort SNOB
Superior, e.g LAKE
Surface OUTER
Sweet sandwiches OREOS
Take extra time at the mirror PRIMP
They may be decorated HEROES
They’re passed down from parents GENES
This miss HER
To some extent, informally ISH
Together with PLUS
Toward the mouth ORAD
Unguent amounts DABS
Upscale DELUXE
Wallop SLUG
Wasn’t frugal SPENT
Way hot, in slang SMOKIN
West end of the Hoover Dam NEVADA
Whale’s nostril SPIRACLE

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