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Wall Street Journal – Sep 1 2021 – “Rhythm Section” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“A cunning hunter, a man of the field” of Genesis ESAU
“Got it” ISEE
“The Mysterious Island” writer VERNE
“What you got comin’ is ___ thing” (LeAnn Rimes lyric) ASURE
*Fall back, in a way AHASTYRETREAT
*Ramble to avoid talking about something difficult AROUNDTHEBUSH
*Thrash soundly THEPANTSOFF
*What eager businesses may do APATHTOYOURDOOR
Answer to the admiral AYE
Apply, as effort EXERT
Bill with a bow tie NYE
Bolivian bull TORO
Boston project that created the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway BIGDIG
Bottom-row key ALT
Boxer’s bowlful ALPO
Classico competitor RAGU
Comeback REPLY
Dawn goddess EOS
Demand to a DJ, and what you must do when entering the starred answers DROPTHEBEAT
Diamond club BAT
Domineering BOSSY
East, in Essen OST
Exist ARE
Farm unit ACRE
Fissure RENT
Flier with a Rapid Rewards program SOUTHWEST
Flock sound BLEAT
For the birds AVIAN
Forcibly remove OUST
Get on the soapbox ORATE
Give the slip EVADE
Hank who coached Oklahoma State basketball for 36 years IBA
Hindu god of new beginnings GANESH
Hopping herbivores ROOS
Ingenuity helicopter org NASA
It may be tapped out BEER
Jibber-jabbers YAKS
Just get (by) EKE
Lagunitas offering, for short IPA
Clues Answers
Layered treat OREO
Lothlórien denizen ELF
Marley’s locks DREADS
Mexican sandwiches TORTAS
Michael of “SNL” CHE
Milk container UDDER
Obamacare initialism ACA
Objectionable look OGLE
Old Tokyo EDO
On the double ATARUN
Original tenant of 30 Rock RCA
Overly TOO
Partner of dreams HOPES
Pituitary secretion, in brief ACTH
Pledge drive incentive TOTE
Pool marking DEPTH
Port on the Black Sea ODESSA
Profs’ helpers TAS
Prove false REFUTE
Psychiatric subject EGO
Put one’s foot down TROD
Red Ryder discharge BBSHOT
Regarding ASTO
Rodriguez of “Modern Family” RICO
SCOTUS member until 2020 RBG
Second degrees, for some MBAS
Shape-shifting creature AMOEBA
Sitcom planet ORK
Solemnly serious SOBER
Strasbourg street RUE
Take responsibility for OWN
Texter’s “if you ask me” IMHO
The 38th parallel divides it KOREA
Time frame for a dreamer ONEDAY
Word with walk or carry ONS
___ populi VOX
___-jongg MAH