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Wall Street Journal – Sep 10 2018 – Teams’ Schemes

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Clues Answers
‘Cimarron’ writer Ferber EDNA
‘How sweet ___!’ ITIS
‘Let me say that again’ IREPEAT
‘NFL Insiders’ network ESPN
‘Peter Pan’ dog NANA
‘Put a lid ___!’ ONIT
‘___ Got the World on a String’ IVE
1983 film about two Guatemalans’ trek to the U.S ELNORTE
2008 Top Ten song by Metro Station SHAKEIT
Accepted standard NORM
Allow room for somebody to pass MAKEWAY
Basis for fantasy football points STATS
Bellow SHOUT
Block and tackle part ROPE
Brits’ ‘goodbyes’ TATAS
Car pedal GAS
Cardinal’s perch TREE
Chinese-born architect IMPEI
Christmas, in carols NOEL
Clarinet part REED
College football’s Black Knights ARMY
Cook’s pan SKILLET
Cowboys linebacker Sean LEE
Criticize in a petty manner SNIPEAT
Detectives tasked with tailing Wisconsin players? PACKERSTRACKERS
Divisible by two EVEN
Egyptian-themed Verdi opera AIDA
Firmness of purpose RESOLVE
Fitting APT
Focus of some rallies PEP
Football kickers’ aids TEES
French friend AMI
Gang ___ (New York Jets nickname) GREEN
Genesis garden EDEN
Gets forty winks NAPS
Home of the Raiders OAKLAND
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
In need of sharpening DULL
Julia Louis-Dreyfus HBO series VEEP
Like cakes baked for vegans EGGLESS
Little WEE
Loses traction SLIPS
Mario’s brother in video games LUIGI
Memo heading INRE
Operatic song ARIA
Paella base RICE
Parka parts SLEEVES
Participants in card games with Pennsylvania players? STEELERSDEALERS
People using the services of New York players? GIANTSCLIENTS
People who get contracts with California players? NINERSSIGNERS
Pilot’s guess, for short ETA
Pretenses SHAMS
Prints, paintings and pastels ART
Private teacher TUTOR
Pronto, in memos ASAP
Public perception IMAGE
Ready to proceed SET
Reason for overtime TIE
Refer to CITE
Replies from the congregation AMENS
Sailors, in slang TARS
Scuba mouthpiece attachment AIRPIPE
Sides of blocks STREETS
Some wines REDS
Something to pass TEST
Spoken ORAL
Subtle attention-getter PSST
Synagogue scroll TORAH
Throw TOSS
Top-notch AONE
Unconscious states COMAS
Wicked EVIL