Wall Street Journal – Sep 10 2022 – “Animal Crackers” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Bert and ___ Greatest Hits” (album including “Rubber Duckie”) ERNIES
“E pluribus __” UNUM
“Like ___ not…” ITOR
“Prelude d’Eginhard” composer SATIE
“Right away, boss!” ONIT
“Rockaria!” band ELO
“The Raven” feature OCTAMETER
“The Swiss Family Robinson” author WYSS
“u r so funny!” LOL
“___ been real!” ITS
“___ live and breathe!” ASI
“___ Newt” (1990s animated show) NEDS
2013 Katy Perry hit ROAR
32-season reality show canceled in response to 2020 protests COPS
A bit off? ONSALE
Aunt to George, Charlotte and Louis PIPPA
Aware of ONTO
Bantu-speaking group in Rwanda TUTSI
Being, to Brutus ESSE
Beth’s preceder ALEPH
Big name in database technology ORACLE
Brand worn by Lionel Messi ADIDAS
Brimless headwear BERETS
Brings to a close ENDS
Buckles down FOCUSES
Button alternative SNAP
Call at home SAFE
Canon offering SLR
Capital served by Kotoka International Airport ACCRA
Cartesian conclusion SUM
Central MID
Chaplin of BBC’s “Taboo” OONA
Chiding sound TUT
Closing document DEED
Comedian Notaro TIG
Concept, in combinations IDEO
Destination for an underwater drone, perhaps SUNKENSHIP
Destinations of some limos PROMS
Dinner table request MAYIBEEXCUSED
Doughnut-shaped TORIC
Downloaded forms, often PDFS
Engineering sch. subject SCI
Exuberant shout BOOYAH
Fancy bashes GALAS
Fish with spiky scales SCAD
Flying Solo? HAN
Fresh quality SASS
Fundraiser’s target, briefly ALUM
Go apple picking? BOB
GPA booster EASYA
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Grow weary TIRE
Hand cost ANTE
Hard-to-chew parts of steaks GRISTLES
Having an inflated ego FULLOFONESELF
Himalayan greeting MEOW
Hindu scriptures VEDA
In order that, in Germany DAMIT
Inverse trig function ARCSEC
It’s part of Yahoo Inc AOL
Its largest borough is Søndre Nordstrand OSLO
Its national anthem is “Jana Gana Mana” INDIA
Jalapeño’s hotter cousin SERRANO
Jefferson’s predecessor ADAMS
Khartoum’s river NILE
Labor Dept. div OSHA
Lena of “Enemies, A Love Story” OLIN
Like some norms SOCIETAL
Linguistic talent EAR
Lofgren of the E Street Band NILS
Many apartment laundries COINOPS
Massive ref OED
Med. sch. subject ANAT
Mercury or Mars GOD
Mineralogist with a scale MOHS
More blue RACIER
Needing little provocation to become furious HAIRTRIGGER
Occasions with open mics AMATEURNIGHTS
Old-fashioned verb suffix ETH
Ovid’s “___ Amatoria” ARS
Pan’s counterpart RAVEREVIEW
Peace activist Yoko ONO
Pending ONICE
Pianist Garner ERROLL
Pianist Rubinstein ARTUR
Pig’s digs STY
Piquancy BITE
Play for a sucker USE
Plush items that might utter the phrase spelled by the letters between the pairs of circles TOYS
Pokes fun at TEASES
Pot winner’s exclamation COMETODADDY
Potpourri bit PETAL
Prepare to weep? READEM
Preschool recitation ABCS
Presoak, wash and rinse, e.g CYCLES
Protector of Horus ISIS
Reddish euro banknote TEN
Rolls partner ROYCE
Sendler who helped smuggle Jewish children out of Warsaw in WWII IRENA
Seyfried of “Mamma Mia!” AMANDA
Shout of frustration ARGH
Silky beers NITROS
Six-pt. scores TDS
Soda fountain treat CHOCOLATEMALT
Some allergic reactions RASHES
Sources of orders MENUS
South African singer Miriam MAKEBA
Spock specialty LOGIC
Spooned soup out of, as a bowl ATEFROM
Spot a barber might shave NAPE
Spot for a much-needed drink, perhaps OASIS
Spotting game ISPY
Teacher’s advanced deg MSED
Tennessee senator Blackburn MARSHA
Theology sch. subject REL
They usually include olives, anchovies and hard-boiled eggs NICOISESALADS
They’re close to the ropes RINGSIDES
Tiny hole PORE
Took, as a final SATFOR
Transfer, as money WIRE
Transportation Dept. div FAA
Upper limit CAP
Variety TYPE
Very close colleague at the office WORKSPOUSE
Wear away ERODE
Whirl of water EDDY
White wine cocktail KIR
Wonder AWE
Wood coats STAINS
Words with tear or dare ONA
Yellow wildflowers OXLIPS
___ Cruces LAS

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