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Wall Street Journal – Sep 11 2018 – Feminine Ways

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Clues Answers
‘Dude!’ BRO
‘God’ singer Tori AMOS
‘Isn’t ___ bit like you and me?’ (Beatles lyric) HEA
‘Jack Ryan’ org CIA
‘Spy vs. Spy’ magazine MAD
‘Strike Up the Band’ composer GERSHWIN
‘The Black Cat’ author POE
*1991 Emmy winner for ‘Cheers’ KIRSTIEALLEY
*Oscar nominee for 2002’s ‘Unfaithful’ DIANELANE
*Real-life companion of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ETTAPLACE
*Super G gold medalist at the 1998 Winter Olympics PICABOSTREET
Africa’s first and oldest republic LIBERIA
Agenda unit ITEM
Attach, as a feed bag TIEON
Auto racing sanctioning body INDYCAR
Bar tender? ATTORNEY
Beer buy CASE
Big name in computers DELL
Boiling blood IRE
Braying beast ASS
Brewery supply YEAST
Broadband ancestor DIALUP
Camp crafts CANOES
Chocolate-coated Nabisco treat MALLOMAR
Clan identifiers TARTANS
Commotion ADO
Concert finale ENCORE
Copying ALA
Corp. bigwig DIR
Curtain holder ROD
Cynical genre NOIR
Descartes’s conclusion IAM
Do perfectly NAIL
Early auto REO
Extend, in a way RENEW
Fill to the gills SATE
Financial guru Suze ORMAN
Fine woolen yarn MERINO
Funnyman Brooks MEL
Garnet or ruby RED
Gary’s home INDIANA
Gastric woe ULCER
Gin cocktail SLING
Green, in combinations ECO
Hand band RING
Hearing TRIAL
Hearty brew ALE
Highway repair stuff TAR
In the center of AMID
It may need massaging EGO
Kerouac novel, and a hint to the four starred women in this puzzle ONTHEROAD
LED monitor’s forerunner CRT
Letters before mo or pitch SLO
Lie on both sides of STRADDLE
Like ‘Hamlet’ or ‘Macbeth’ TRAGIC
Like some dorms COED
Little troublemaker IMP
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Pile of chips POT
Prime minister Gandhi INDIRA
Provocatively original EDGY
Rank below marquess EARL
Satyr’s celebration ORGY
Slamming sound BANG
Smoothie fruit ACAI
Stammering syllables ERS
Taller and leaner LANKIER
Tech. school study SCI
The other woman HER
They’ll help you to walk tall STILTS
To be, to Bardot ETRE
Twice tetra- OCTA
Used bits of one song in another SAMPLED
Where Katie Ledecky won four gold medals RIO
Word said with a salute SIR