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Wall Street Journal – Sep 11 2021 – “Thrift” crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“1,000 songs in your pocket” device IPOD
“How’re you doing?” response IMOK
“Over There” songwriter COHAN
“Pygmalion” role ELIZA
“Roll the camera on French revolutionary Jean-Paul, luv”? FILMMARATHON
“Same here” DITTO
“The Banana Boat Song” start DAYO
“The Faerie Queene” captive IRENA
“The Kiss” sculptor RODIN
1/60 of a deg MIN
100-person group SENATE
Alternative designation for Porkopolis? GOTHAMCITY
Anonymous UNNAMED
Asset for ballerinas GRACE
Assign to a lower position RELEGATE
Associated with birth NATAL
Auto designer Ferrari ENZO
Barista’s offering MOCHA
Belt hole maker AWL
Big Apple baseballer headed a skills-training session? METHADONECLINIC
Big books TOMES
Big house PEN
Blood component PLATELET
Brownish red RUST
Bug repellent component DEET
Call a talk show, say DIALIN
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Carded at the door IDED
Castor or Pollux, e.g STAR
Church area, from the Latin for “ship” NAVE
Coins in the Trevi Fountain, once LIRE
Considers admirable ESTEEMS
Convergence spots FOCI
Couple DUO
Crayon material WAX
Cry from a stroller DADA
Curl-straightening agents RELAXERS
Dissenter’s answer NAY
Door over a wing, say EXIT
Drink brand whose bottles say “Shake It!” YOOHOO
Easily startled SKITTISH
Easy-peasy test question GIMME
Elev. areas HTS
Exclusive SELECT
Fake, insincere sounds from Santa? FALSEPATHOS
Fat eschewer of rhyme SPRAT
Feast fancily DINE
Feeds party crowds CATERS
Fetch the lady waiting here? COMETOGETHER
For a short-lived purpose ADHOC
Forgoing alcohol SOBER
From Tipperary, say IRISH
Funny feline meme LOLCAT
Gardener’s buy LOAM
Gated water conduits SLUICES
Gaucho’s cattle catcher BOLA
Google Play offerings APPS
Granny square creation AFGHAN
Groaner from Groucho PUN
Gut bacterium ECOLI
Hard to lift HEFTY
Hardly heavy-handed LENIENT
Herman Melville’s “Billy ___” BUDD
High-status group ELITE
Hillary who climbed Everest EDMUND
In pieces APART
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Inundated AWASH
Keep a tight grip HOLDFAST
Lead vocalist on “With or Without You” BONO
Like “It is what it is” TRITE
Like brain activity NEURAL
Like muesli OATY
Like some cables and ellipsoids TRIAXIAL
Literature Nobelist Lessing DORIS
Long lock TRESS
Make a hallowed egg-layer warmer? HEATHENIDOL
Make corrections to EMEND
Many a vacuum cleaner ROBOT
Marchers of January 21, 2017 WOMEN
Mid-2010s dance craze NAENAE
Muppet with a rubber duckie ERNIE
Not so many FEWER
Offensively sharp ACRID
Opponents take them SIDES
Oratorio passage ARIOSO
Overdo the dramatics EMOTE
Periods of development PHASES
Phishing, e.g SCAM
Pianist Gilels EMIL
Pile up AMASS
Pilsener, e.g LAGER
Poker payment ANTE
Poland’s Walesa LECH
Polynesian Disney princess MOANA
Poppy product OPIUM
Present time? YULE
Pretentious gait STRUT
Prime minister before Yitzhak GOLDA
Quarterback Drew BREES
Reform Party founder Ross PEROT
Remain STAY
Rhinitis symptom SNEEZE
Right-hand page RECTO
Saint of Avila TERESA
Scatterbrained DITZY
Scottish philosopher David HUME
Setting of 1921’s race massacre TULSA
Simile words ASA
Singer Ora RITA
Soldier insect’s uniform line? ARMYANTHEM
Son of Poseidon TRITON
Spiffily clad NATTY
Spineless type WIMP
Spun traps WEBS
Start for girl or boy ATTA
Surpass, or unsurpassed BEST
SWAT team wear VESTS
Throngs HOSTS
Toledo title SENORA
Too cute, to Brits TWEE
Trading areas PITS
Trumpet relative CORNET
Tundra rarity TREE
Tylenol target ACHE
Typeface based on Helvetica ARIAL
Upholstery choice SUEDE
Venue SITE
Villain in Disney’s “Hercules” HADES
Vintage OLD
Vowel in Athens ETA
Warmongering Olympian ARES
Weaken over time ERODE
Who expects the Spanish Inquisition, according to Monty Python NOBODY
Will who voices BoJack Horseman ARNETT
Woeful word ALAS
Work of tribute ODE
Zealous activist driving the getaway car for a bank robber? MILITANTATHEIST