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Wall Street Journal – Sep 12 2018 – Wanna Bet?

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Clues Answers
‘Go ahead, ask’ TRYME
‘Monday Night Countdown’ network ESPN
‘The Grapes of Wrath’ figure OKIE
‘The Lion King’ meerkat TIMON
Acknowledge nonverbally NODTO
Animal also called a forest giraffe OKAPI
Apiece PER
Appearance of a crow, perhaps OMEN
Banks on the runway TYRA
Bar bill TAB
Bartender on ‘The Love Boat’ ISAAC
Bass offerings ALES
Bath buggy PRAM
Box opener PANDORA
Calypso’s father ATLAS
Chi exchange MERC
Chuck, e.g BEEF
Cinephiles may have it bookmarked IMDB
Clinton’s VP choice KAINE
Color DYE
Crapshoots, or what you can find in 20-, 31- and 39-Across ROLLSOFTHEDICE
Designer Wang VERA
Dominant ONTOP
Dumbfounded exclamation WHATTHEDICKENS
Economic benefit of decreased defense spending PEACEDIVIDEND
El primer numero UNO
Flecked horse ROAN
Gather in REAP
Girl rescued by Uncle Tom EVA
Go paperless in April, say EFILE
Honoree of a Philae temple ISIS
Influential D.C. groups PACS
Invigorate PEPUP
It may not be worn when it’s worn SHOE
Kind of cluster on some military awards OAKLEAF
Lamb piece ESSAY
Linguistics expert on a 1960s series UHURA
Ludacris production RAPCD
Lymph gland NODE
Malibu, for one SEDAN
Mashhad money RIALS
Movie theater fixture CORNPOPPER
Natalie Dessay delivery ARIA
New Yale students of 1969 COEDS
Next year’s juniors SOPHS
Nickname of the links ARNIE
Noted trash can resident OSCAR
Old-fashioned sweets LICORICEDROPS
One of the woods OBOE
Part of Miss Muffet’s diet CURDS
Pastoral people of Tanzania MASAI
Pink-to-red RARE
Rice to read ANNE
Rich sponge cake BABA
Risque recording SEXTAPE
Rooster, in Rouen COQ
Show interruption TVAD
Smart answer? OUCH
Speechless, perhaps INAWE
Stage start ACTI
Strongman’s pride PECS
Suggestion box input IDEAS
The Liberty Tree, for one ELM
Through VIA
Toy truck seller HESS
Tubular pasta PENNE
Turned red, say RIPENED
Without delay, briefly PDQ