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Wall Street Journal – Sep 13 2021 – “Hold Your Horses!” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Finish your dinner!” EAT
“On the other hand…” THENAGAIN
“Oops, I blew it” MYBAD
“Thank heavens!” PRAISEBE
“The Nutcracker,” for one BALLET
“The Raven” or “The Tyger” POEM
2008 crossover voter OBAMAREPUBLICAN
Alternative to “Granny” NANA
Ancestral primates APEMEN
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Arthur in the International Tennis Hall of Fame ASHE
Awareness-raising ad, for short PSA
Bacall of “The Big Sleep” LAUREN
Before now AGO
Big name in skin care OLAY
Binary base TWO
Both sides of an issue PROANDCON
Bring upon oneself INCUR
Carefree adventure LARK
Catholic service MASS
Cheer for the matador OLE
City located where the Saône and Rhône meet LYON
Close copy REPLICA
Do as told OBEY
Expensive caviar variety BELUGA
Fare for Fido ALPO
Fifth month on a French calendar MAI
From a thrift shop USED
Full-length, as a movie UNCUT
Furtive movement STEALTH
Gilbert of “The Conners” SARA
Girl in Dickens’s “The Old Curiosity Shop” NELL
Hankering YEN
He played Santa in “Elf” EDASNER
Head of the pack ALPHA
Houston of Texas SAM
Hubbub ADO
Indifferent to right and wrong AMORAL
Issued a challenge to DARED
Jason’s ship ARGO
Journalist Curry ANN
King Priam, Hector or Paris, for example TROJAN
Leo or Libra, e.g SIGN
Like hiking trails after rainstorms MUDDY
Little League lead-in TBALL
Mall tenant STORE
Many moons AGES
Network for political junkies CSPAN
Nike’s swoosh, for one LOGO
One’s sib, maybe SIS
Out of the sun SHADED
Over there, quaintly YON
Painted cloth at the rear of a stage BACKDROP
Passage through Panama CANAL
PC’s “abort” key ESC
Periodontists’ org ADA
Private school on the Thames ETON
Rational self, to Freud EGO
Resounded RANGOUT
Sample for DNA
Science settings LABS
Shoot the breeze GAB
Soldier standing guard SENTRY
Sorcerer’s spell HEX
Spider’s creation WEB
Summer setting in D.C EDT
Support group for GIs USO
Surrounds HEMSIN
Suspect’s excuse ALIBI
Tropical tree PALM
TSA requests IDS
West Germany’s capital BONN
Windblown piles of snow DRIFTS
Wrestling for heavyweights SUMO
Yoked bovines OXEN