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Wall Street Journal – Sep 14 2021 – “Hair of the Dog” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Capeesh?” GETME
“Don Carlos,” “Don Giovanni” or “Don Pasquale” OPERA
“Niiice!” SWEET
1988 Summer Olympics host SEOUL
A/C meas BTU
Alternative to a text EMAIL
Arizona tribe HOPI
Brainy outcast NERD
Bring up to speed CUEIN
Broadcast AIRED
Candy wrapped in pastel-colored foil CHOCOLATEEGG
Choice at a taco bar BLACKBEANS
Claire of “The Crown” FOY
Do your bit for the environment RECYCLE
Escarole and frisée ENDIVES
Face mask provider SPA
Flavor in miso and mushrooms UMAMI
Fully understand GRASP
Furious state IRE
Generous cake servings SLABS
Gin-flavoring fruit SLOE
Hosp. section ICU
Hot and spicy PICANTE
In utero FETAL
Ingredient in a flaky crust LARD
Lesson recited by preschoolers ABCS
Like 43-Across SUNG
Like one end of the pool, typically DEEP
Lumberjack’s tool SAW
Lustful characters of myth SATYRS
Mascara target LASH
McKellen of “Gods and Monsters” IAN
Melodic form in Indian music RAGA
Modeler’s purchase KIT
Most desperate DIREST
Movie industry, idiomatically SILVERSCREEN
Nebraska’s largest city OMAHA
Old computer, jocularly RELIC
Persian Gulf nation IRAN
Place for a title SPINE
Place to be before a flight GATE
Propensity to do the right thing MORALFIBER
Rip off ROB
Saying nothing MUM
Seat during a barn dance BALE
Seller of lots of flapjacks IHOP
Shady alcove ARBOR
Simmer in anger FUME
Smallest kitten, e.g RUNT
Soccer great Wambach ABBY
Some folding money ONES
Springsteen’s “___ Fire” IMON
Squandered BLEW
Steadfast FIRM
Stepped TROD
Sunrise viewing direction EAST
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Taj Mahal, e.g TOMB
Tennis do-over LET
Tennis star Murray ANDY
Test version BETA
They might be backed up in the cloud FILES
Tre minus due UNO
Trot or gallop GAIT
Twistable cookie OREO
Unspoken agreement NOD
Using traditional harmony TONAL
Venus de Milo’s lack ARMS
Violas’ kin CELLI
Wear for a chemist, or for a canine, as shown by the starts of 18-, 24-, 51- and 61-Across LABCOAT
Whirling motion EDDY
Wisdom tooth, e.g MOLAR
Word said while pointing THIS
Words by a map’s arrow YOUAREHERE
Worker with a stack of Playbills USHER
World Cup caution YELLOWCARD
Zilch NADA