Wall Street Journal – Sep 15 2018 – Past Imperfect

Clues Answers
‘Kidnapped’ monogram RLS
‘Listen!’ HARK
‘Oh, What a Beautiful ___’ (‘Oklahoma!’ song) MORNIN
‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ author GOETHE
About ASTO
Adjust, as traffic lights RETIME
Amaze STUN
Annoyed French person? GALLEDGAUL
Annulment REPEAL
Arms in slings? STONES
Assemble MASS
Atty.’s add-on ESQ
Auditioner’s goal PART
Autocrat’s issuance DECREE
Baby doll’s cry MAMA
Backsplash bit TILE
Baja bull TORO
Bambino CHILD
Bath scrubber LOOFA
Besmirched chicken? FOULEDFOWL
Big brass TUBA
Body of water once dotted by 1,000 islands ARAL
Bouquet ODOR
Bouquets SMELLS
Checked out EYED
Chief Buffalo Hump’s people COMANCHES
Christopher Buckley specialty SATIRE
Cinephile’s collection DVDS
City once nicknamed ‘Oil Capital of the World’ TULSA
Compete with a kick SWIM
Confuse ADDLE
Cousin of Dora the Explorer DIEGO
Dance attire TUTU
Dash, e.g RACE
Destination for Turner fans TATE
Ditches LOSES
Divisive creature AMOEBA
Do a judicial job RULE
Do school work TEACH
Dojo study KARATE
Epiphany indicator AHA
Epoch characterized by the rise of mammals EOCENE
Examined with criminal intent CASED
Expressions of Iberian enthusiasm OLES
Fling HURL
Flock responses AMENS
Foil alternative EPEE
Fruit served with the right wine? PAIREDPEAR
Gift-wrapping need TAPE
Glossy coating ENAMEL
Got nourishment from FEDON
Grafton’s ‘___ for Silence’ SIS
Greenest around the gills QUEASIEST
Grist for pollsters DATA
Groan preceder PUN
Gun grp NRA
Home to early newsgroups USENET
Hydroelectric project from hell? DAMNEDDAM
Immature salamander EFT
Inclined ASLOPE
Invader of Italy in 452 ATTILA
Involved account SAGA
Iridescent gem OPAL
Is relative? ARE
It takes light about one to travel one ft. in a vacuum NSEC
Justice Kagan ELENA
Key note source PIANO
Knight in shining armor? MAILEDMALE
Lack of anxiety EASE
Largest city in Yorkshire LEEDS
Like a spiderweb SPUN
Like idols ADORED
Like many signers DEAF
Like some parking spots METERED
Litigious fellow SUER
Look down on SCORN
Look to be SEEM
Made a choice, perhaps XED
Many Nickelodeon viewers TWEENS
Melatonin producer PINEAL
Mennen men’s brand AFTA
Mimicked mockingly APED
National name on Neymar’s World Cup jersey BRASIL
NYC bus letters MTA
Org. with a New York adoption center ASPCA
Paper option GRAPH, LEGAL
Peloponnesian War victor SPARTA
Person who deals with deals AGENT
Personally leaves with HANDSTO
Pivot SLUE
Place for lurking LAIR
Plants SOWS
Pleasant breeze ZEPHYR
Port Huron Statement org SDS
Prayer call source MINARET
Pretense GUISE
Ready to pedal, perhaps ASTRIDE
Render orderly NEATEN
Result of a naval battle? SEIZEDSEAS
Rip Torn’s ‘Men in Black’ role ZED
Sanctuary sight ALTAR
Say bad words CUSS
Semolina strip NOODLE
Senate minority leader before Schumer REID
Senior’s grievance AGEISM
Shorebird who’s become a spy for the other side? TURNEDTERN
Sign up ENROLL
Sisterly SORORAL
Slam competitors POETS
Slender pet FERRET
Some Ravel works VALSES
Sound, e.g INLET
Star in westerns? BADGE
Stark-naked stock dumper? BAREDBEAR
State known for its tea production ASSAM
Stock option SOUP
Success for a podiatrist? HEALEDHEEL
Sunburned prophet? SEAREDSEER
Surgeon/author Gawande ATUL
Took notice SATUP
Translating challenge SLANG
Unsavory inspection LEER
Unsmiling DOUR
Valley in Ventura County SIMI
Verso’s opposite RECTO
Veteran OLDPRO
Victoria, for one EMPRESS
Wage a Civil War battle, perhaps REENACT
Weighs down LADES
When contrasted with THAN
Where the lava-lava is worn SAMOA
William of Orange’s successor ANNE
Wolf Blitzer’s employer CNN
Yam yield STARCH
Zeus’s capital? ZETA

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