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Wall Street Journal – Sep 17 2018 – Where the Wild Things Are

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Clues Answers
‘Heavens to Betsy!’ EGAD
‘Heavens to Betsy!’ ISAY
‘His Master’s Voice’ company RCA
‘In your dreams!’ YEAHRIGHT, ASIF
‘Let’s not be selfish’ FAIRSFAIR
‘The Luncheon on the Grass’ painter MANET
Acid’s counterpart ALKALI
Aves. and blvds STS
Bicycle parts GEARS
Birthday cake number AGE
Brick-shaped candy PEZ
Brown ermine STOAT
Bullfight cry OLE
Campfire remnant ASH
Charity for the poor ALMS
City on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula NOME
Clumsy sort OAF
Coffee-fetching workers, informally GOFERS
Color HUE
Countdown start, often TEN
Diamond corners BASES
Difficult burden ONUS
Director Spike LEE
Early Yucatan residents MAYAS
Easter Island owner CHILE
Endless talker GASBAG
Fed. workplace regulator OSHA
Film part SCENE
Fine line on a letter SERIF
Frisbee shape DISC
Halloween mo OCT
Have on WEAR
Hoodwink TRICK
Jason sailed aboard it ARGO
Join a dash RUN
Keep changing positions? JOBHOP
Clues Answers
Library patron READER
Like some nights STARLIT
Loafer, for example SHOE
Made a raid FORAYED
Maker of small trucks TONKA
Many a Christmas tree REDFIR
Martial arts studio DOJO
Masked swordsman of old California ZORRO
Mexican painter Frida KAHLO
Naked ___ jaybird ASA
Need aspirin ACHE
Not dense KEEN
Not under the influence SOBER
Offer as one’s source CITE
Punch sound, in comics KAPOW
Ray of ‘We’re No Angels’ ALDO
Really bothered ATEAT
Removed the outer layer of PARED
Request ASKFOR
Rung on a ladder STEP
Schindler with a list OSKAR
Shocked sound GASP
Singer Torme MEL
Slow-cooked meal STEW
Stick out JUT
Stitched line SEAM
Swiss capital BERN
They might be inflated EGOS
Tolkien creatures ORCS
Townshend of The Who PETE
Two-time NBA champ Lamar ODOM
Urban haze SMOG
Used to be WAS
Will subject ESTATE
Woodworking class SHOP
You’re looking at one CLUE