Wall Street Journal – Sep 18 2018 – Folding Inward

Clues Answers
‘Get down!’ DUCK
‘On it’ WILLDO
‘That is to say…’ IMEAN
‘That’s hilarious!’ HAHAHA
‘___ la vie!’ CEST
*’Who’d’ve thunk it?’ WHATACONCEPT
*Came down with something CAUGHTACOLD
*Do the navigator’s job CHARTACOURSE
*Got good vibes on the first date, say FELTACONNECTION
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Audacious BRASH
Ballpoint fill INK
Bicolor marine fauna ORCAS
Capital between Philadelphia and New York TRENTON
Class with integrals, for short CALC
Cockamamie DAFT
Corp. honchos CEOS
Deg. for a designer BFA
Detective’s job CASE
Dime prez FDR
Exerciser who might stop at the food court MALLWALKER
Fits of anger IRES
Furrow RUT
Gallery display ART
Give a hoot CARE
Got booed offstage, say BOMBED
Gustav who composed ‘The Planets’ HOLST
Hand-based communication sys ASL
Immense time periods AEONS
Lambda Literary Award category GAYEROTICA
Late-night flight REDEYE
Locations AREAS
Mariner’s milieu SEA
Merit EARN
Minnesota’s WNBA team LYNX
Mornings: Abbr AMS
Nay negator YEA
Not narrow BROAD
Oft-injured knee part, for short ACL
Pal in Provence AMI
Part of TGIF ITS
Party with power INS
Pony’s pace TROT
Pothole’s place ROAD
Promoter’s cut FEE
Recess BREAK
Refined over time HONED
Regale at bedtime READTO
Rejoices EXULTS
Ringside cheer OLE
Second of two LATTER
Seth Rogen’s physique DADBOD
Sign at a live telecast ONAIR
Sinuous fish EEL
Skater Rippon ADAM
Soccer player’s favorite cereal? KIX
Square of XL MDC
Start for angle or cycle TRI
State of change FLUX
Subtly malicious CATTY
Sugar swarmers ANTS
Super ‘POW!’-er? BATMAN
Swing and a miss WHIFF
The Bruins’ sch UCLA
Timber tool AXE
Timeshare, often CONDO
Vampire fighter’s weapon STAKE
Van fuel GAS
Visa competitor, for short AMEX
What a cow chews CUD
What this puzzle is celebrating, judging by what’s been ‘eaten’ by the starred answers TACOTUESDAY
Whodunit discovery CORPSE
Word aptly hidden in Instagram TAG
___-country (modern music genre) BRO

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