Wall Street Journal – Sep 19 2018 – Border Lines

Clues Answers
‘Giant’ star DEAN
‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ narrator SCOUT
‘Toodles!’ BYENOW
1967 Paul Newman film HOMBRE
Abbr. before Grant or Lee GENL
Accepted doctrine ORTHODOXY
Advantageous UTILE
Apple head Tim COOK
Arthur’s foster brother KAY
Aussie runner EMU
Barista’s concoction LATTE
Benjamin CNOTE
Big hauler SEMI
Big name in health insurance CIGNA
Blunted weapon EPEE
Blustery talk GAS
Book whose last word is ‘Amen’ REVELATION
Bright Amazon swimmer NEONTETRA
Carrier’s employer, for short USPS
Check line DATE
Chemical substance AGENT
Chophouse cut TBONE
Chris of TV’s ‘The Middle’ KATTAN
Cinerarium array URNS
Coll. grads-to-be SRS
Coll. kin UNIV
Commotion STIR
Dine by candlelight, maybe SUP
Edible tuber of South America OCA
Enjoy slowly, as a beverage NURSE
Epoxy, e.g RESIN
Expected behavior NORM
Farm female NANNY
Farm team OXEN
Feature of many Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs TULIP
Fiona, in the ‘Shrek’ films OGRESS
Flattened at the poles OBLATE
Georgia ___ TECH
Get out of the way of AVOID
Gilder’s unit KARAT
Give a careful examination, say VET
Homily topic SIN
Ice cream maker Joseph EDY
It has eight feet OCTAMETER
Justice Dept. worker ATTY
Lighting lover, for short PYRO
Like a buyer’s market SOFT
Like Corinthian columns ORNATE
Make baby food, perhaps PUREE
Middle name at Menlo Park ALVA
Name in a Beethoven bagatelle title ELISE
Newscast bit ITEM
Nota ___ BENE
Old Algerian rulers DEYS
On the fritz OUTOFORDER
Pacific predator ORCA
Pigeon housing COTE
Pitching staff, metaphorically ARMS
Plane section COACH
Primes, in relation to natural numbers, e.g SUBSET
Radius neighbors ULNAS
Range light PILOT
Reggae great Peter TOSH
Sen. Corker’s state TENN
Setting for some schools REEF
Sexist, say NOTPC
She played June to Joaquin’s Johnny REESE
Sheaf unit PAGE
Squirm in pain WRITHE
Swipe COP
Taking risks, or, in another sense, a description of this puzzle’s theme LIVINGONTHEEDGE
Unavailable INUSE
Vowels that look like consonants ETAS
When tripled, a dance move CHA
World Cup chant OLE
___ Aviv TEL

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