Wall Street Journal – Sep 20 2018 – Secure at Last

Clues Answers
‘I’ve Got ___ in Kalamazoo’ AGAL
‘If you build it, he will come’ setting IOWA
‘Remember ___’ (1990s AMC series) WENN
‘Starpeace’ singer ONO
‘The Love Boat’ bartender ISAAC
2012 British Open champ ELS
Backlit part of a PC? NIGHTSHIFTKEY
Basil, e.g HERB
Beanery brew JOE
Bisected INTWO
Born to run? YELLOW
British city where the Kit Kat was created YORK
Bulldog backers ELIS
Centipede source ATARI
Cheese choice BLEU
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Collar insert STAY
Contemptible person TOAD
Cosmo competitor ELLE
Cracked AJAR
Crimean resort YALTA
Dangerous singer SIREN
Defib pro EMT
Division of the Egyptian pound PIASTRE
Do a librarian’s work SHELVE
For all time EVER
Garlic kin LEEK
Grenoble’s department ISERE
Guy, informally FELLA
Highlander, e.g SUV
How supplicants supplicate HUMBLY
Ivory part of a PC? WHITECAPSLOCK
Like some colognes MUSKY
Loading sites BAYS
Low cart DRAY
Lubrication channel OILWAY
Makeup of Lucius Malfoy’s wand ELM
Nasser’s first name GAMAL
Nest egg choice IRA
Off! ingredient DEET
One addressed as ‘Your Grace’ DUKE
One in five Israelis ARAB
Orson’s second wife RITA
Pacific Tsunami Museum location HILO
Post-bottle event BURP
Pyramid site GIZA
Red Cross specialty AID
Request that might lead to busting HITME
Resistance units OHMS
Rival of Olympus LEICA
Security device that has government approval? LEGALPADLOCK
See 59-Down IGONOW
Self-conscious question ISITME
Set of dishes MEAL
She marries Riker in ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’ TROI
Show saver TIVO
Solemn doings RITE
Special forces weapon UZI
Super slim RAILTHIN
Superintendent’s item that’s an antique? OLDMASTERKEY
Supermarket section DELI
Territory between Siberia and Ukraine on a Risk board URAL
Timeworn truisms ADAGES
Tina’s onetime co-star ALEC
Too often told STALE
Treat for a terrier BELLYRUB
Vodka with a Coastal Cranberry flavor SKYY
Window coating RIME
With 25-Down, ‘Are we finished?’ MAY
You, to Johann SIE
___ a deux (shared delusion) FOLIE

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