Wall Street Journal – Sep 20 2022 – “Backup Devices” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Don’t cut in front of me!” IMNEXT
“Teen Mom Family Reunion” network MTV
“Wonder Woman” star Gadot GAL
Ambient musician Brian ENO
Article of Indian attire SARI
Baseball feature SEAM
Become slippery, in a way ICEUP
Butter bits PATS
Come across as SEEM
Country singer Fricke JANIE
Cries out HOLLERS
Deli counter sight SCALE
Deliberately miss AVOID
Disney’s snow queen ELSA
Domain of Mars WAR
Door sign ENTER
Dry runs TESTS
Elwes of “The Princess Bride” CARY
Fight like a knight TILT
Floral support STEM
Fruity desserts, and a hint to the circled words APPLETURNOVERS
Grandfather of Enos and Enoch ADAM
Gumbo vegetables OKRAS
Heated state IRE
Honeycrisp alternative GALA
It ebbs and flows TIDE
Jamaican tangelo UGLI
Laudatory poems ODES
Laudatory song PAEAN
Leftist, in 1950s slang PINKO
Leslie of “Coming 2 America” JONES
Leslie who played Burr in “Hamilton” ODOM
Like China’s flag, mostly RED
Like mozzarella MILD
Listened to something break the silence HEARDAPINDROP
Lose contact with one’s roots? GOBALD
Love, in Latin AMOR
Lysine or arginine, in biology BASICAMINOACID
Mahershala with two Oscars ALI
Move above the horizon RISE
Move below the horizon SET
Nina Garcia’s magazine ELLE
Not fooled by ONTO
NyQuil maker VICKS
Oval pill CAPLET
Parishioners’ response AMEN
Part of a piggy bank SLOT
Pencil that’s about ready to be thrown away STUB
Pinocchio creator Collodi CARLO
Place for a plumber’s snake DRAIN
Prepare spanakopita, say BAKE
President before Wilson TAFT
Pulitzer-winning author James AGEE
Quick-to-read poem HAIKU
Request after a bad diagnosis SECONDOPINION
Senator Murkowski LISA
She played Phoebe’s mother on “Friends” TERIGARR
Shipping inquiry TRACER
Show off, in slang FLEX
Simple answer to “Who’s there?” ITSME
Site of the world’s tallest bldg UAE
Snorts from snouts OINKS
Some dash lengths EMS
Stagger REEL
Stress can exacerbate it ACNE
Tech support caller, typically USER
Tennis’s Nastase ILIE
The “nothing really matters” part of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” e.g OUTRO
They’re checked at airports IDCARDS
Trickster of Marvel movies LOKI
Wear down ERODE
Zillow options HOMES

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