Wall Street Journal – Sep 21 2022 – “Business Liquidity” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Adam Bede” author ELIOT
“Excuse me…” AHEM
“Move out!” LETSGO
“Pale Blue Dot” author Carl SAGAN
“The Crucible” setting SALEM
Acclaim HAIL
Actors Ken and Lena OLINS
Appliance brand AMANA
Babar’s spouse CELESTE
Backing for some securities MORTGAGEPOOL
Bank holding LIEN
Before, to Blake ERE
Beverage brand since 1905 RCCOLA
Business’s ability to maintain a competitive edge, per Warren Buffett ECONOMICMOAT
Cash generated on a regular basis INCOMESTREAM
Circular tent YURT
College mag recipient ALUM
Colombian cash crop COCA
Conciliatory gestures SOPS
Coward of comedy NOEL
Cybertruck maker TESLA
Defeatist’s words ICANNOT
Didn’t surrender KEPT
Diogenes, for one CYNIC
Draw TIE
Early computer ENIAC
Fit for sentry duty ALERT
Hold on tightly CLING
Incline SLOPE
Key on a map ISLET
King Kong, e.g SIMIAN
Lexus rival ACURA
Like a savanna GRASSY
Lover of Aphrodite ARES
Mic wielders MCS
Michael R. Jackson won one for “A Strange Loop” in 2020 OBIE
Milestone for a pilot SOLO
Nation on the Gulf of Aden YEMEN
NBC hit for more than four decades SNL
New parent, e.g NAMER
Old Testament prophet AMOS
Orchestra group OBOES
Plato’s teacher SOCRATES
Power source MOTOR
Print measures PICAS
Printer part TRAY
Raid target BUG
Retail stores or online marketplace, e.g SALESCHANNEL
Retreats EBBS
Romanov rulers TSARS
She’s after Harris in the line of succession PELOSI
Site of the Edmund Pettus Bridge SELMA
Socket contents EYE
Some charity ALMS
Some sisters NUNS
Somewhat sordid SEAMY
Store house? MALL
Sub spread MAYO
Tavern on TV MOES
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
They’re red on pairs of Louboutins SOLES
Topical soother ALOE
Traditional accounts LORE
Tycoon MOGUL
Ukr., once SSR
Unbilled part CAMEO
Uncommissioned ONSPEC
Very dry, to sommeliers BRUT
Violent storms TEMPESTS
Waikiki Beach site OAHU
Winner of the Ballon d’Or seven times MESSI
You can get down from one EIDER
Young fellow LAD

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