Wall Street Journal – Sep 22 2018 – Drawn With Ease

Clues Answers
‘Can’t Help Lovin’ ___ Man’ DAT
‘Carol’ director Todd HAYNES
‘Don’t wait out here’ GOONIN
‘It was beauty killed the beast’ beast KONG
‘Later!’ ADIOS
‘Millennium’ trilogy author Larsson STIEG
‘Nice job, sister!’ ATTAGIRL
‘Really?’ THINKSO
‘Then again…’ in textspeak OTOH
‘Vamoose!’ SCAT
Android rival IOS
Antarctic explorer Richard BYRD
Arles article LES
Assents OKS
Asserts confidently AVERS
Author Wiesel ELIE
Bar selection RYES
Bathe Popeye’s adopted infant? CLEANSWEEPEA
Bawdy LEWD
Beelike APIAN
Black gunk TAR
Bloom popular with butterflies ASTER
Broadway debut of October 1982 CATS
Broccoli pieces FLORETS
Brooks Brothers buys TIES
Calendar jottings EVENTS
Charlemagne’s domain: Abbr HRE
Cheeky WISE
Chicken tender VET
Cocktail garnish TWIST
Colorful fish TETRAS
Crackerjack AONE
Curved blade SCIMITAR
Dance partner of 71-Across ROGERS
Dance partner of 95-Down ASTAIRE
Dance party enthusiast RAVER
Dentist’s request BITE
Diana Prince, for Wonder Woman ALTEREGO
Disbelieving question ETTU
Do a puzzle editor’s job RECLUE
Dream, in Dijon REVE
Exorbitant STEEP
Faux fat OLESTRA
FDR and JFK, e.g INITS
Features of some sewing machines TREADLES
Fezziwig is spelled with two of them ZEDS
File menu option RENAME
Fizzle out DIE
Flavor quality SAPOR
Food thickener AGAR
Freud prop CIGAR
Funny fellow WAG
Genealogy word NEE
George the first? BUSHSR
Gulf port ADEN
Head in the clouds? ANGEL
Hesitates FALTERS
Hold a comedic tribute honoring a stuttering swine? ROASTPORKY
Hole number PAR
Honor bestowed by Queen Eliz OBE
Imitative sort APER
In spite of that YET
Inclined APT
Jackie’s second ARI
Lays down the lawn SODS
Leave hastily BOOKIT
Like overcast days DREARY
Limerick lad BOYO
Listening devices EARS
Live and breathe ARE
Made like a pig OINKED
Major port on the Adriatic TRIESTE
Metallurgist’s materials ORES
Metric mass KILO
Michelle’s husband BARACK
New Mexico resort TAOS
Nursing aid BEDPAN
Olympics glider LUGE
One of Canada’s First Nations CREE
Opera that starts in a Paris garret LABOHEME
Out of gear INIDLE
Outdo Barney Rubble’s brunette bride? BESTBETTY
Patty and Selma, to Lisa AUNTS
Pilotless plane DRONE
Pitching goal SALE
Place where people practice LAWFIRM
Pothead STONER
Prefix between septa- and nona- OCTA
Problem for a plumber CLOG
Proceeds with minimal effort COASTS
Province of northern Spain BISCAY
Publican’s pints ALES
Pull a prank on Bullwinkle’s pal? PUNKROCKY
Punctual ONTIME
Put off making more shows with Scooby’s canine nephew? TABLESCRAPPY
River by Rugby AVON
Running shoe brand AVIA
Russia’s annexation of Crimea, e.g LANDGRAB
Salon offerings STYLES
Scared the daylights out of a wacky cartoon bird? PETRIFIEDWOODY
Scott of ‘Charles in Charge’ BAIO
Scottish denials NAES
Seething states IRES
Set straight ORIENT
Setting of the Cyclades AEGEAN
Sister in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Some diagnostic tests CTSCANS
Son of Gaea and Uranus OCEANUS
Songwriter Laura NYRO
Soul-kiss Nemo’s fishy friend? FRENCHDORY
Spellbound RAPT
Spiner who played an android BRENT
Sporty auto ROADSTER
Stock character BROKER
Study the heavens STARGAZE
Suffix for court or hotel IER
Suffix for quack or mock ERY
Support through a lean period TIDEOVER
Tack on ADD
Travel stops INNS
Travel the main SAIL
Triglycerides, e.g LIPIDS
Try to hit FIREAT
Unwelcome obligations ONUSES
Upgrade electrically REWIRE
Used a successful line on a Mexican mouse? PICKEDUPSPEEDY
Vivacious quality ESPRIT
When they’re ripped, they’re strong ABS
Where to find a hero DELI
Without a break ONEND
Wrestler-actor John CENA
Yeshiva product RABBI
Yoga need MAT
___ to go (eager) RARIN

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