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Wall Street Journal – Sep 24 2018 – Lower Case

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Clues Answers
’60 Minutes’ network CBS
‘Finding Nemo’ studio PIXAR
‘How ___ the little crocodile improve his shining tail…’: Lewis Carroll DOTH
‘Meet the Press’ network NBC
‘Uh-huh’ YEAH
*Coal color JETBLACK
*Focus of a Cleveland hall of fame ROCKMUSIC
*Footwear for a winter hike SNOWSHOE
*Rawhide bone, for example CHEWTOY
*Regular post SNAILMAIL
A bit buzzed TIPSY
A pop PER
Address bar entry URL
Arrange from A to Z, say SORT
Art colony near Santa Fe TAOS
Before, for poets ERE
Big name in the cloud, and a hint to the starred answers DROPBOX
Caesar of ‘Your Show of Shows’ SID
Campaign pro POL
Circular tent of central Asia YURT
Commotions STIRS
Conked out DIED
Currency in Kyoto YEN
Dawn goddess AURORA
Deep gorge CHASM
Deeply held belief TENET
Dubai’s land: Abbr UAE
Easter lead-in LENT
Egyptian serpents ASPS
Evil spell HEX
Fido’s foot PAW
Finished ENDED
Flock sound BAA
Flower support STEM
Flower visitors HONEYBEES
Foal’s mother MARE
Folk standard ‘Goodnight, ___’ IRENE
Foot, fathom or furlong UNIT
For an additional time ANEW
Forbidden City setting BEIJING
Fur trader’s wares PELTS
Get hitched WED
Give the cold shoulder SNUB
Gives in to gravity SAGS
Gullible one PATSY
Holds up ROBS
Huff and puff PANT
Inquires ASKS
It may race during a race HEARTRATE
Kitten call MEW
Lace problems KNOTS
Laotzu’s philosophy TAOISM
Lead to suspicions about, with ‘on’ CASTDOUBT
Least lit DARKEST
Less friendly ICIER
Letter after sigma TAU
Like ghost stories EERIE
Melatonin, for one HORMONE
Missile-warning org NORAD
Motorists’ org AAA
Noble gas used in some lamps XENON
Not at all challenging TOOEASY
Peach parts PITS
Prefix with deal or dial MIS
Programmer’s charts, informally SKEDS
Serpentine fish EEL
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sites of great disorder RATSNESTS
Six-line stanza SESTET
Smiling, maybe AMUSED
Southernmost of the Great Lakes ERIE
Splinter group SECT
Sports venue ARENA
They pump up the volume AMPS
Top pair in poker ACES
Transportation secretary Elaine CHAO
___ Gras MARDI