Wall Street Journal – Sep 26 2018 – C Through

Clues Answers
‘I didn’t see you there!’ OHHI
‘It’s as plain as day!’ NODUH
‘Returning soon,’ in texts BRB
‘The Andromeda Strain’ threat BIOORGANISM
‘This is a library!’ SHH
Arabic equivalent of C hidden in this puzzle’s five longest answers IOO
Bad-mouth DIS
Bonanza find ORE
Brand that ran ‘short shorts’ ads NAIR
Chowderhead ASS
Clumsy clod OAF
Combine together MELD
Common Market, for short EEC
Condition with rituals, in brief OCD
Course figure PRO
Cowboy call YEEHAW
Delivery possibility GIRL
Denomination that observes the Sabbath on Sat SDA
Device that once spewed out staticky sounds MODEM
Esther of ‘Good Times’ ROLLE
Eve, originally RIB
Explorer Amundsen ROALD
Eyelid problem STYE
Far from ruddy ASHY
Feature of some entertainment websites AUDIOONDEMAND
Fills with cargo LADES
Fixer-upper? BLINDDATE
Fresh start? NEO
Front side of a book’s leaf RECTO
Go bonkers over ADORE
Goji berries or black garlic, some say SUPERFOOD
Greeted the judge STOOD
High lines ELS
Huskies’ home, for short UCONN
Instead ELSE
Intellectual poseur, informally PSEUD
Intense exam ORAL
It may be bid ADIEU
Its wing membrane is called a patagium BAT
Jaw covering GUMS
Jeered GIBED
Kamehameha Day adornment LEI
Little lap dog, for short POM
Madonna’s elder son ROCCO
Many-headed monster slain by Hercules HYDRA
Mistake, cutely OOPSY
Monteverdi hero ORFEO
Mouth watering DROOL
Na+, e.g ION
On Earth HERE
Pizzazz OOMPH
Poi source TARO
Printing goof SMUDGE
Prominent stretches ERAS
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Redden BLUSH
Ruler in 41-Down EMIR
Scalawag CUR
Scratch or dent, say MAR
See 1-Down MIA
Shakespeare title word ADO
Shot in the arm HYPO
Source of $5 Fill Ups KFC
Source of a soundtrack, often STUDIOORCHESTRA
South Carolina’s senior senator GRAHAM
Sulu’s portrayer TAKEI
The Wabash flows into it OHIO
Thin but strong WIRY
Throng HORDE
Throws off ADDLES
Verdi heroine AIDA
Where Michael Phelps won the last five of his 23 gold medals RIOOLYMPICS
With 17-Across, single released after ‘SOS’ MAMMA
Women with orders NUNS
Work the trade show DEMO
Worked at PLIED
Zoo heavyweight HIPPO

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