Wall Street Journal – Sep 27 2018 – Spelling Bee

Clues Answers
‘Please stay!’ DONTGO
‘The Guns of Navarone’ writer Alistair MACLEAN
Added number ENCORE
Altar exchange VOWS
Animated chipmunk DALE
ATM part CRT
Attitude STANCE
Baker predecessor ABLE
Be decisive OPT
Bee formed by the letters heard at the starts of this puzzle’s theme answers DRONE
Big busyness ADO
Brings in REAPS
Butcher shop buy LOIN
Cavatelli coating PESTO
Chamois’s home ALPS
Chianti quality NOSE
Chinatown society TONG
Click ‘Okay’ in a pop-up alert box? OBEYWINDOWS
Convention-mocking movement DADA
Cookout featuring colorful eggs? EASTERFRY
Cover, in a way INSURE
Denebola is its tail LEO
Dominant ONTOP
Dress material CALICO
Farm figure ACREAGE
Fifteen-nation gp OPEC
Fight back STIFLE
Gas thief’s tool SIPHON
Headmaster address SIR
Home scheme DECOR
How losses are traditionally entered INRED
Imminent NEAR
Just ___ on the map ADOT
Leaving word ADIEU
Leisurely EASY
Letter-based POSTAL
Like Webern’s ‘Six Bagatelles’ ATONAL
Long wait AGES
Longship makeup OAK
Madras wrap SARI
Make a cut SAW
Maker of a 1901 runabout OLDS
Mark for removal DELE
Meager SCANT
Minor criticism NIT
Misrepresent SKEW
More sound HALER
Not just two or three links? ENTIRECHAIN
Oscar winner as Hamlet OLIVIER
Paltry pencil STUB
Pioneering sneakers KEDS
Pool parties BETTORS
Prime AONE
Referendum choice YES
Root of politics ELIHU
Roush in Cooperstown EDD
Show with Miami, NY and Cyber versions CSI
Sign of exertion by the Flintstones’ pet? DINOSWEAT
Sister brand of Wrangler LEE
Sixth of a fl. oz TSP
Spring’s opposite NEAP
Stubborn sorts ASSES
Subbed for ACTEDAS
Sweetener understood only by a few chemists? ARCANESUGAR
They may be filed and polished TOENAILS
Toward safety ALEE
Trappist product ALE
Treat roughly MAUL
Tupou VI’s kingdom TONGA
Winter wear ANORAK
Zeus trapped Typhon under it ETNA

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