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Wall Street Journal – Sep 3 2020 – Finalize Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Arabian Nights” hero ALIBABA
“Barnaby Jones” star EBSEN
“Careless Whisper” duo WHAM
“Norma Rae” director Martin RITT
“Oh, too bad!” WHATASHAME
“Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics” author BIDEN
Al Batinah native OMANI
Angry with MADAT
As done by ALA
Basic chords TRIADS
Bestselling pop quartet ABBA
Biblical possessive THINE
Bit the dust ATEIT
Body scrub ingredient ALOE
Can opener, of a sort BAIL
Capricious creature ELF
Capricious creatures IMPS
Choleric feeling IRE
Chose to walk, for now? DEFERREDTAXI
Chuck, e.g MEAT
Corkscrew shape HELIX
Course position LIE
Cow or sow SHE
Deep voices in the men’s prison choir? STRIPEDBASSI
Divided peninsula KOREA
Dot follower COM
Esmé Bianco’s “Game of Thrones” role ROS
Finish an edge HEM
First man of comedy? WHO
Fix a fairway RESOD
Fix firmly ETCH
Give props to “Bodak Yellow” rapper? CREDITCARDI
He directed Jake and Heath in “Brokeback Mountain” ANG
High-fat, low-carb diet KETO
Home in the mountains AERIE
Inspiration IDEA
Iron-fisted HARSH
Japan’s longest-serving prime minister ABE
Jazz guitarist Montgomery WES
Kilt feature PLEAT
Lane for carpooling HOV
Length of yarn HANK
Load-bearing machine DRYER
Met pieces ARIAS
Name that’s an Italian number OTTO
Palliates EASES
Pens in the park SWANS
Period ERA
Rattle off LIST
Red letters? USSR
Retro hairdo AFRO
Roughneck’s workplace RIG
Sapporo sashes OBIS
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Sean of “The Goonies” ASTIN
Speedy serpent MAMBA
Squabble ROW
Start of something big SEED
Still reeling from an Abominable Snowman encounter? NOTOVERYETI
Swiss capital FRANC
They’re found among the reeds OBOES
They’re hidden from children EASTEREGGS
This and this THESE
Thomas colleague ALITO
Tombstone name EARP
Track event TROT
Trendy Pueblo Indian? HIPHOPI
Trial partner ERROR
Unlikely to change SET
Vein contents ORE
Vote to accept ADOPT
Wee spots SPECKS
Winner’s take POT
Words said with a nod ISEE
Worry STEW
Yankee nickname AROD