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Wall Street Journal – Sep 30 2021 – “Knock It Off” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Blue Bloods” org NYPD
“Carpe diem” acronym YOLO
“Charlie’s Angels” co-star of Barrymore and Liu DIAZ
“Get Out” director Jordan PEELE
“Hello” singer ADELE
“Knock it off!” (or, parsed in three parts, a hint to the theme answers) STOP
“Royals” singer LORDE
1966 Michael Caine film ALFIE
2014 winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor LENO
AirPods voice SIRI
Answer from a knocker ITSME
Born in Burgundy NEE
Brewery offerings IPAS
Call out to HAIL
Christopher of “Somewhere in Time” REEVE
Coventry commercial ADVERT
Crescent points CUSPS
Delights JOYS
Digital marketing strategy, e.g PRPUSH
Diva delivery ARIA
Diva delivery SOLO
Do some basic math ADD
Driver in Hollywood ADAM
Ear’s center COB
Egyptian slitherers ASPS
Emulating ALA
Exxon’s merger partner MOBIL
Guaranteed winners SHOOINS
Heavily promote HYPEUP
Hosp. areas ORS
It runs from 23rd St. to 142nd St MADISONAVE
It’s tapped out KEG
Last House of Stuart monarch ANNE
Lederhosen wearer’s call YODEL
List shortener ETAL
Location of some waves ARENA
Loud car feature ALARM
Low digits TOES
Make petty criticisms SNIPE
Manner MODE
Missouri River city OMAHA
Money set aside for some stuffed animals? PLUSHFUND
Mother of George, Charlotte and Louis KATE
Movie in which Alanis Morissette plays God DOGMA
MSN alternative AOL
Muscle woe CRAMP
No longer amusing OLD
One with moral flaws NOSAINT
Painful rebuke SLAP
Palindromic flatbread NAAN
Pastel shade LILAC
Plays for fun JAMS
Pronoun for some SHE
Query from the curious MAYISEE
Raspberry relative BOO
Result of some Mendel experiments? PEACHANGE
Sandies nut PECAN
Some words of wisdom on adopting a dog? POUNDADVICE
Space GAP
Story line generator for an author with writer’s block? PLOTMACHINE
Super set? KEYS
Taco cousin TOSTADA
Targets of some donation drives ALUMNI
Tree with oval pods CACAO
Try a run SKI
Type ILK
Tyrannical emperor NERO
Unbearable wait, seemingly EONS
Way to run AMOK
When Operation Overlord was launched DDAY
Where “it’s all happening,” according to a Simon & Garfunkel song ZOO
Without thinking things through INHASTE
Zebra’s kin ASS
___ absconditus (hidden God) DEUS
___-Tibetan languages SINO