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Wall Street Journal – Sep 4 2018 – Diminished Returns

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Clues Answers
‘Anything you want’ NAMEIT
‘Aw, nuts!’ DRAT
‘Cimarron’ writer Ferber EDNA
‘Forget it!’ IXNAY
‘Insecure’ star Issa ___ RAE
‘Lovely’ girl in a Beatles song RITA
‘My Favorite Year’ star OTOOLE
‘My guess is…’ IDSAY
‘Terrible’ czar IVAN
A big fan of INTO
Airline app datum ETA
Biker’s invitation HOPON
Bottom-row key ALT
Bump off SLAY
Busybody YENTA
Celestial phenomena NOVAS
Composer’s creation OPUS
Country bordering Lake Victoria KENYA
Court proceeding JUDICIALHEARING
D.C. baseball player NAT
Deep fryer’s fill OIL
Delish TASTY
Diet-friendly LOWCAL
Dole (out) METE
Dumbbell, e.g FREEWEIGHT
Emmy winner Kudrow LISA
Epic poem of the Trojan War ILIAD
Events center event EXPO
Fabricated story LIE
Farfalle or pappardelle PASTA
Feeling offended HURT
For face value, as bonds ATPAR
Gathering of witches COVEN
Glum drops TEARS
Gold purity measure KARAT
Gulf of Mexico catch REDSNAPPER
Hindu princess RANI
Imagined DREAMT
In disrepair RATTY
Intelligence agcy. of the 1940s OSS
Iranian currency RIAL
It comes with the Magic Keyboard IMAC
Jessica who’s Silas Timberlake’s mother BIEL
Leaves out OMITS
Lincoln or Madison STATECAPITAL
Loud and lively RIPROARING
Mike’s pickup AUDIO
Mikhail Gorbachev’s first lady RAISA
Money holder SAFE
Monte dealer’s accomplice SHILL
Mortensen of ‘Captain Fantastic’ VIGGO
Omar of ‘Shooter’ EPPS
One of 843 in Central Park ACRE
Outcast from Eden ADAM
Poisonous TOXIC
Print at an angle: Abbr ITAL
Problems in an all-star cast EGOS
Prohibition proponents DRYS
Prop for Paul Bunyan AXE
Realm of a biblical queen SHEBA
Retailer’s drawing card, and what the last words of 17-, 23-, 36- and 47-Across can be LOSSLEADER
Rugged rock face CRAG
Since way back when INAGES
Some discography listings LPS
Some revolve around Mars MYTHS
Souvlaki holder PITA
Stake in a pot ANTE
Start the bidding OPEN
Thought IDEA
Tough wood ASH
Uncanny luck MOJO
What boosters boost MORALE
Where to join the line END
White-tailed eagle ERNE
Within earshot NEAR