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Wall Street Journal – Sep 4 2021 – “Labor Pains” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Cheap Imitation” composer JOHNCAGE
“Slainte!” is one IRISHTOAST
“Tomb Raider” relic URN
“Water Under the Bridge” singer ADELE
1999 JT Money hit “Who ___” DAT
Advanced with stealth CREPT
Alpha ___ Minoris (Polaris) URSAE
Ankle shackle LEGIRON
Annual report VIP CEO
Approving exclamation, in texts RAWR
Arboreal ape ORANG
Argentine aunts TIAS
Atlanta Hawks coach McMillan NATE
Avoids DUCKS
Babybel option EDAM
Backtrack RENEGE
Be jubilant DANCEONAIR
Bit of fun LARK
Bolivian boy NINO
Brief bylaw REG
Cashmere kin ANGORA
Casino figures ODDS
Cavorts ROMPS
Chapel part APSE
Cheddar DOREMI
Cherry center PIT
Coffee option ICED
Colorful fish OPAH
Contribution of advice or opinions INPUT
Core parts ABS
Crib call MAMA
Cry of accomplishment, or admission of guilt IDIDIT
Different ELSE
Disappearing sounds POOFS
Dives in STARTS
Dragonfly habitat POND
Drama with masks NOH
Earth, in combination GEO
Easy gait TROT, LOPE
Emcee’s offering INTRO
Evening wear PJS
Familiarize, in a way ORIENT
Fish-catching flier OSPREY
Four-time Tony nominee Esparza RAUL
Future prof’s test GRE
Gain by force WREST
Garden pest? SERPENT
Gimlet or screwdriver TOOL
Give an ___ effort AFOR
Given a knighthood, say HONORED
God with a broken tusk GANESH
Got past the caulking SEEPEDIN
Grand affair FETE
He collaborated with Ozzy on “Ordinary Man” ELTON
Herb Alpert School of Music inst UCLA
Hersey’s “A Bell for ___” ADANO
Humorous author Lebowitz FRAN
Hunters on the Allegheny Plateau ERIE
Hydrant attachment HOSE
Issue EMIT
Item made to measure RULER
Joins, as a feature ACTSIN
Jubilant cry HOORAY
Just-appointed manager who’s eager to shake things up NEWBROOM
Lake Volta setting GHANA
Least noble BASEST
Less likely to work FAULTIER
Libation QUAFF
Clues Answers
Like 1950s LPs MONO
Like lobs ARCED
Like most Gallaudet students DEAF
Luminary CELEB
Maastricht Treaty subject EUROPE
Mason’s transporter HOD
Middle Eastern nabob EMIR
Molding shape OGEE
More unctuous OILIER
Nantes noggin TETE
NBA All-Star Luol ___ DENG
Neckline shape VEE
Offer as proof ADDUCE
One may be forgiven LOAN
Org. with annual Humane Awards ASPCA
Originally called NEE
Overly excite HOPUP
Picker’s guideline FRET
Practice group, for short MDS
Prospect Park plantings ELMS
Quechua speaker INCA
Recapper’s unit EPISODE
Red state? ANGER
Release from one’s clutches UNHAND
Retailer that sells 100 million rotisserie chickens annually COSTCO
Rich kid in the “Nancy” comic ROLLO
Rich pasta sauce ALFREDO
Rx amt., at times TSP
Sal of “Giant” MINEO
Setting stuff CHINA
Standing, briefly REP
Stock collection HERD
Storied Pony Express rider CODY
Strength FORTE
Strike zone boundary KNEES
Strike! Blackjack dealers, ___! CLEARTHEDECKS
Strike! Carpenters, ___! DROPTHEHAMMER
Strike! Dispensary workers, ___! CUTTHEGRASS
Strike! Elevator operators, ___! HOLDTHEFLOOR
Strike! Game wardens, ___! CLOSETHEBLINDS
Strike! Sandwich makers, ___! STOPTHEPRESSES
Strike! Thespians, ___! QUITTHESCENE
Strong dislike AVERSION
Tapped image ICON
Tavern enticement FREEBEER
The Baths of Caracalla site ROME
Tibia setting SHIN
Title character of whom it’s said “Vex not his ghost” LEAR
Tony-winning musical of 1982 NINE
Trailblazing Civil War nurse BARTON
Two-time loser to Dwight ADLAI
Uninspiring ARID
URL separator SLASH
Vein yields ORES
Visit to the plate ATBAT
Voice quality TONE
Watch spot WRIST
Westernmost U.S. territory GUAM
William, to Lilibet UNCLE
Windows antecedent MSDOS
Without a break ONEND
Word from the Dutch for “salad” SLAW
Words of consolation THERENOW
Yoga practice HATHA