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Wall Street Journal – Sep 5 2018 – Puzzle, Schmuzzle!

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Clues Answers
‘Aw, darn!’ RATS
‘Elf’ co-star CAAN
‘Eww, stop!’ TMI
‘Pagliacci’ piece ARIA
‘Pronto!’ NOW
‘___ Autumn’ (1941 jazz standard) TIS
2009 Hilary Swank biopic AMELIA
2017 TV reboot SWAT
Act like a startled steed REARUP
Agitated state STEW
Auto pioneer Karl BENZ
Back in the day ONCE
Book before Esth NEH
Buck’s comedy routine? DEERSCHTICK
Choler IRE
Consist of ARE
Creator of Jack Ryan CLANCY
Crooner nicknamed ‘The Velvet Fog’ MELTORME
Do some serious damage to MAIM
Dress for a Bengali bride SARI
Egg: Prefix OVI
Eliciting an ‘eww!’ ICKY
Emerald City visitor TOTO
Fancy features of a tricked-out ride RIMS
Fifth of twelve signs LEO
Gets a perfect score on ACES
Go overboard, perhaps DESERT
Harshly bright AGLARE
High roller’s roll WAD
Hitchcock title SIR
Holder of an Obama cabinet position ERIC
Irrelevant MOOT
Is a contender VIES
Issue forth EMANATE
James Bond attended it ETON
Jazz fan HEPCAT
Jumbotron inventor SONY
Junk in crosswords? GRIDSCHLOCK
Just between us? OURS
Knee-concealing skirt MIDI
Low digits? TOES
Makes a two-man move CASTLES
Man with a screwy invention ARCHIMEDES
Measure of purity KARAT
Micro or macro class ECON
Mischievous imp URCHIN
Monaco money EUROS
Mushiness over not being married? SINGLESCHMALTZ
Nasal cavity neighbor SINUS
Not a company man? ANTISOCIAL
Not busy IDLE
Old Testament prophet ISAIAH
Oodles and oodles MYRIADS
Organizational aid LIST
Pastel color LILAC
Pennsylvania’s is 360 mi. long TPK
Phoenix body spray brand AXE
Prelude to riots, perhaps UNREST
Preseason airing RERUN
PTA meeting place SCH
Put an end to NIX
Seller of many DIY kits IKEA
Semi front CAB
Sound of an air kiss MWAH
Spot for some salesmen ROAD
Story told over multiple episodes ARC
Sucker who appreciates good books? READINGSCHNOOK
Take one’s leave EXIT
Their boughs make bows YEWS
Touched gently PATTED
Uber alternative TAXI
Utterance accompanying a head slap DOH
Wander (about) GAD
YSL competitor DKNY