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Wall Street Journal – Sep 6 2018 – Return Flight

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Clues Answers
‘Good Morning Starshine’ musical HAIR
‘Il ___ tesoro’ (‘Don Giovanni’ 55-Down) MIO
‘Patriots Day’ star (#1) MARKWAHLBERG
‘The Deerslayer’ author COOPER
‘___ alive!’ ITS
1982 film with a clown doll attack (#4) POLTERGEIST
Action needed to spot the four fliers in the theme answers FLIPTHEBIRD
Ahead of, poetically ERE
All that remained in Pandora’s box HOPE
Amt. to pay BAL
Beach, on Ibiza PLAYA
Bigger than med LGE
Bring in REAP
Bus. card abbr EXT
Butterfly, for one STROKE
Buyer, in legalese EMPTOR
Bygone PC monitor CRT
Child welfare counselor, e.g. (#3) SOCIALWORKER
Colorado native UTE
Dribble catcher BIB
Drumstick bone TIBIA
Eucharist item WAFER
Expansive BROAD
Fawning type DOE
Fishes for flounder, say TRAWLS
Flier #1 HAWK
Flier #2 TERN
Flier #3 OWL
Flier #4 EGRET
Flushed RED
Frank Gifford, notably GIANT
Furrow maker HOE
George’s ‘I Got Rhythm’ collaborator IRA
Gerald Ford’s Liberty, for one (#2) GOLDENRETRIEVER
Gooey goody SMORE
He loved Ilsa RICK
Impudent BRASH
It may be long or short TON
Joe Buck’s buddy RATSO
Lambs, in Latin AGNI
Lead investigator REPORTER
Little fox KIT
Main line AORTA
Malarkey ROT
Mayflower transport VAN
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Mickey’s creator WALT
Nyasaland, now MALAWI
Part of a split PIN
Pres. Ramaphosa’s nation RSA
Ray Bradbury’s ‘___ for Rocket’ RIS
Rifle part BUTT
Rogen of ‘Steve Jobs’ SETH
Romance writer Roberts NORA
Sask. neighbor NDAK
Schnoz BEAK
See 28-Down ARIA
Set sail EMBARK
Shooting marble TAW
Slate, e.g EMAG
Some FDNY employees EMTS
Speckled stallions ROANS
Sport WEAR
Steroid-producing gland ADRENAL
Strong as ___ ANOX
Studio alert ONAIR
Takes advantage of a blackout LOOTS
Trap filler SAND
Univ. study SCI
UT athlete VOL
Vague feeling VIBE
Washington post? INTERN
Went up SCALED
What’s up? SKY
White source EGG
Zing PEP