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Wall Street Journal – Sep 7 2021 – “Labor Day” crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Gotcha!” to a hipster IDIG
“Life of Pi” director Lee ANG
“One of Us” singer Joan OSBORNE
2006 Winter Olympics site TURIN
2021 New York City mayoral candidate Adams ERIC
A as in Arles? UNE
A note to precede la SOL
Alternative to Doric and Corinthian IONIC
Assumed financial responsibility for UNDERWROTE
Audacity NERVE
Baby ___ (fan fave on “The Mandalorian”) YODA
Bite, but gently NIPAT
Bon mot speaker WIT
Bounding marsupial ROO
Cared for a calico CATSAT
Challenge for a principal CLASSCLOWN
Clan from Staten Island WUTANG
Cook’s wear APRON
Debut, date-wise OPENON
Diameter halves RADII
Doesn’t squat PAYSRENT
Eight, in Latin OCTO
Feeble, as an excuse POOR
French vineyard designation CRU
Give off EMIT
Glided SLID
Gumshoe TEC
Hold up ROB
Home for some brothers FRATROW
Hoppy brew IPA
Iridescent gemstone OPAL
Keep busy TIEUP
Keeps in the loop, email-style CCS
Knighted fellows SIRS
Like all prime numbers greater than two ODD
Like the Battle of Midway NAVAL
Lived in the past WERE
Longtime Cowboys quarterback Tony ROMO
Made a getaway RAN
Major composition OPUS
Marathons longer than 26.2 miles ULTRAS
Mark Harmon TV series NCIS
Merger bargaining tool? PRENUP
Move like a moth FLIT
Mrs., in Madrid SRA
Not quite closed AJAR
One of the Clue weapons ROPE
One with multiple heritages MUTT
Panama’s monetary unit BALBOA
Places for pampered Pomeranians DOGSPAS
Planter’s punch ingredient RUM
Pound sound ARF
Red, to Goya ROJO
Rotten kids BRATS
Say further ADD
Second-smallest of the Great Lakes ERIE
Seized illegally USURPED
Serve with a summons CITE
Settle for the night ROOST
Shade TINT
Snack for a granivore SEED
Sphere ORB
Still kicking ACTIVE
Strip left by mowing SWATH
Subordinate to BELOW
Taken all one is willing to HADIT
Thoroughly enjoys SAVORS
Ticklish area, maybe SOLE
Turn ___ dime ONA
Union for beekeepers? HONEYBUNCH
Union for bouncers? BRUTEFORCE
Union for massage therapists? RUBBERBAND
Union for photo editors? CROPCIRCLE
Viewed with interest EYED
Wasn’t infallible ERRED
Waxy stuff PARAFFIN