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Wall Street Journal – Sep 8 2018 – Alphabet Soup

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Clues Answers
‘A penny saved is a penny earned,’ e.g ADAGE
‘As I see it…’ in texts IMO
‘Face/Off’ director JOHNWOO
‘It’s a mystery’ SEARCHME
‘Oh, phooey!’ RATS, CRUD
‘Yeah, right!’ ASIF
‘___ Fly Now’ (‘Rocky’ theme) GONNA
*2000 Jet Li film loosely based on Shakespeare ROMEOMUSTDIE
*A Ward 8 is a variant of it WHISKEYSOUR
*Big event for cinephiles OSCARPARTY
*Hapless kite flyer and football kicker CHARLIEBROWN
*Las Vegas Strip business HOTELCASINO
*Musical specialty of Skip James and Robert Johnson DELTABLUES
*Situation promoting confirmation bias ECHOCHAMBER
2008 compilation album that included ‘Acid Queen’ and ‘Proud Mary’ TINA
4×4 vehicle, for short UTE
95-Across used in Mexican cuisine PEPITA
Add flavor to INFUSE
Add to, as a bill AMEND
Airport shuttle TRAM
Alphabet providing the ‘ingredients’ of this puzzle’s soup NATO
Amp knob REVERB
Anchor lines NEWS
Andy Warhol portrait subject MAO
Aquiline feature HOOKNOSE
Atlantis docked with it in 1995 MIR
Baker’s wares LOAVES
Baritone role in ‘Elektra’ OREST
Be deceptive PLAYGAMES
Big purchase of 1867 ALASKA
Billboard listings HITS
Birthplace of reggae JAMAICA
Bring up RAISE
Bugged IRKED
Cameron’s successor MAY
Cancel ANNUL
Character voiced by Bill Murray in 2016’s ‘The Jungle Book’ BALOO
Cloistered place ABBEY
Component of yellow fireworks SODIUM
Conciliatory gesture SOP
Cookbook instruction STIR
Core group CADRE
Crenshaw’s cousin HONEYDEW
Doing UPTO
Driver in ‘The Last Jedi’ ADAM
Driving stick? TEE
Early presidential battleground IOWA
Educated class LITERATI
Elaborately ornamental ROCOCO
English horns, e.g REEDS
Enthusiasm VIM
Equivalent of ten Hamiltons CNOTE
Father of Luke and Leia ANAKIN
Fervent agreement AMENAMEN
First word of ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ TWAS
Flattop’s antithesis AFRO
Forces down TAMPS
Frat greeting BRO
Frost RIME
Hedgerow singer WREN
Heir to the family fortune SCION
Home of Little Haiti MIAMI
Husking target EAR
Ill-tempered SULLEN
Jackman’s role in ‘The Greatest Showman’ BARNUM
Junction NODE
Kick ___ fuss UPA
Lego and Eggo: Abbr TMS
Light source BULB
Light source STAR
Like theaters and arenas TIERED
Look to be SEEM
Maggie’s sister LISA
Make a menu choice, say CLICK
Makeup of some pie crusts OREOS
Meyers of late night TV SETH
Mimicry APING
Move, in real estate lingo RELO
Musical measure BAR
Needing repair KAPUT
Neruda’s ‘___ to the Sea’ ODE
One in a shell ROWER
Ottoman governors BEYS
Outward flow EBB
Paycheck padder OVERTIME
People of the Plains OMAHAS
Poet Levertov DENISE
Point where many connections are made HUB
Political leader? GEO
Potential plant SEED
Prepped tofu, perhaps CUBED
Prime minister before Olmert SHARON
Private denial SIRNOSIR
Project JUT
Put away EATEN
Put out EMIT
Result ARISE
Retainers, e.g FEES
River that ends at Cairo OHIO
Rolled the dice, say TOOKATURN
Royals manager Ned YOST
Rugby formation SCRUM
Ruthless ruler DESPOT
Sail shaped like a right triangle LATEEN
Sailor to Colchis JASON
Sailor’s hazard SHOAL
Salves a guilty conscience ATONES
Sch. overlooking the Rio Grande UTEP
Second in a noble line? NEON
See 112-Down TOMATO
Shakespeare’s shrew KATE
Shot followers CHASERS
Sid of ‘Green Acres’ MELTON
Silas Marner’s adopted daughter EPPIE
Site of an annual Ideas Festival ASPEN
Slip of the pen? ESCAPE
Small inlet RIA
Some commuter planes PROPJETS
Some horse races DERBIES
Something might hinge on it JAMB
Something to beat your sword into PLOWSHARE
Spot for a sand wedge TRAP
Starting section PARTA
Steal, in British slang NICK
Student of Seneca NERO
Tenderheart or Grumpy of children’s TV CAREBEAR
They offer deals on paper PRINTADS
Threads for when you’re hanging out in your crib? ONESIE
Thunderous noise CLAP
Trick performed on cue? MASSE
Venetian magistrate DOGE
Ward on a set SELA
Warms up the audience OPENS
Whiteboard accessory ERASER
With 38-Down, marinara sauce ingredient ROMA
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Years and years EONS
___ a March hare MADAS