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Wall Street Journal – Sep 9 2021 – “Write-Downs” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Don’t forget to write,” and what you must do in 13-, 24- and 43-Across DROPMEALINE
“It’s Up to You” vaccine spot, e.g.: Abbr PSA
“More or less” ISH
“Poppycock!” PSHAW
“Unfortunately…” SADTOSAY
1941 Bogart film HighSierra
Approaches stealthily CREEPSUP
Arles article LES
Arrive like some hallway mail? COMEINSLOTS
Awesomely exciting, in slang LIT
Barbecue turner SPIT
Before, to Byron ERE
Billboard advertising helmet adornments? PLUMESSIGN
Bloomer and Earhart, for two ALIAS
Bother EATAT
Candy in two-flavor boxes NERDS
Carrier with a EuroBonus frequent flier program SAS
Cash on hand? ANTE
Causing quaking, perhaps EERIE
Cheapen ABASE
City that hosts the Gasparilla Pirate Festival TAMPA
Command to a canine STAY
Cosecant’s reciprocal SINE
Croque-monsieur ingredient HAM
Druid, e.g CELT
Ellipsis bit DOT
Enough varieties to make lots of lots? TENCEMENTS
Fans’ antitheses DESPISERS
Fire CAN
Forehead cover BANGS
Fruits with bitter pulp POLOS
Future expert SEER
Gossip YENTA
Grate stuff ASH
Guatemalan gold ORO
Hall of Fame defenseman ORR
Hobart “Howdy!” GDAY
Home of college football’s Cyclones AMES
Home on a cliff AERIE
Impersonated DID
In the vicinity ABOUT
Least reasonable, pricewise STEEPEST
Local group UNION
More bloody RARER
Ngaio Marsh or Agatha Christie, e.g DAME
Ouzo flavorer ANISE
Parentheses, shapewise ARCS
Pentagon part SIDE
Peripatetic people ROARS
Persian protest MEOW
Pet carrier features AIRHOLES
Rail’s kin COOT
Scourge of Hamelin RATS
Simile segment ASA
Sites of fluid-filled labyrinths EARS
Slip ‘N Slide attachment HOSE
Smart talk SASS
Speed Wagon company REO
Spreads made with capers, olives and anchovies TAPENADES
Spring’s counterpart NEAP
Steamed state IRE
Surrounded by AMIDST
Texting “Yowzers!” OMG
The 1990s Metro, for one GEO
Their main rooms were the tepidarium, caldarium and frigidarium ROMANBATHS
Tiny tastes SIPS
Tongue-lash SCOLD
Triumphant shout YES
Tureen accessories LADLES
Vicinity AREA
Welcome GREET
Where the colorful kente cloth is woven GHANA
Wine bottle indication YEAR
Winner of the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2010 ACDC