The Washington Post – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Don’t think so!’ NAH
‘Willow __ for Me’: jazz standard WEEP
‘__ fan tutte’ COSI
‘__ had it!’ IVE
1940s-’60s top-10 girl’s name that ranked 922nd in 2016 SUSAN
Approvals YESES
Big periods ERAS
Bit of smoke WISP
Buddy type BOSOM
Certain polytheist PAGAN
Chem. class suffix IDE
Condo selling point VIEW
Consumed ATE
Cook in the oven ROAST
Critical circulation aid AORTA
Cruel sort MEANY
Dallas sch SMU
Deli cheese … or, in three parts, a hint to the five longest across puzzle answers SWISS
Diplomat’s headquarters EMBASSY
Drag behind TOW
Droops SAGS
Duchamp genre DADA
Dupe gatherings? SAPMEETS
F-sharp, for one NOTE
Farm home STY
Feng __ SHUI
Footed vases URNS
Forearm part ULNA
Greased BRIBED
H.S. junior’s exam PSAT
Hold one’s __ OWN
Immerse completely DOUSE
Kept away from AVOIDED
Kitchen drawer? AROMA
Lash LaRue’s ‘Frontier Revenge,’ e.g OATER
Last European colony in Asia MACAO
Leftover bit in a basket CRUMB
Clues Answers
Legal thing RES
Like many squawkers AVIAN
Like some moods UGLY
More than moist WET
National Grandparents’ Day mo SEPT
Net fabric MESH
Nickname for Edward NED
Not much memory, these days MEG
Nourishment provider MEAL
On the __: hiding LAM
On-the-run bite NOSH
Op lead-in PRE
Parlor sticks CUES
Place to buy a chair? SEATSHOP
Prince in ‘Frozen’ HANS
Private meeting TRYST
Prohibition surprise RAID
Ratting to the cops and carrying a tune? SINGINGBOTHWAYS
Regions AREAS
RN workplace ICU
Romain de Tirtoff, famously ERTE
Sch. in Harlem CCNY
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Slob’s production MESS
Sounds of hesitation ERS
Stews (over) BROODS
Taken out by Buffy? SLAIN
The teensiest bit ATAD
Thrill ELATE
Trumpet players? LIPS
Trunks often contain them SPARETIRES
U.S. manufacturer founded as a communications co. in 1920 ITT
University of New Mexico team LOBOS
Versatility list USES
Walk unsteadily REEL
What rain may do to a bad toupee? SEEPUNDERTHERUG
__ Reader UTNE
__ vincit amor OMNIA

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