The Washington Post – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
‘On the Road’ narrator SAL
‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ author WYSS
1940s mil. zone ETO
Amy’s ‘Sisters’ co-star TINA
Appropriate COOPT
Bands in the East OBIS
Bering Sea port NOME
Bring up the rear GOLAST
Buff end OON
Cabaret offering REVUE
Calais cleric ABBE
Can of corn at the market, say ITEM
Cantina fare TAPAS
Checkout counter device CARDREADER
Commercial challenges TASTETESTS
Company with back-to-school buys BIC
Craft for couples ARK
Crate up ENCASE
Crock-Pot and Cuisinart: Abbr TMS
Defib specialists EMTS
Disreputable SLIMY
Down EAT
End of a ristorante request DENTE
Excite, with ‘up’ REV
Flowery lines ODE
Fueling device with an automatic shut-off feature PUMPHANDLE
Fulfill MEET
GM line until 2004 OLDS
Hagen of the stage UTA
Hard-to-describe feeling VIBE
Hog product LARD
Hollow VALE
Hurled weapon GRENADE
Is not to be taken lightly MEANSIT
It doesn’t include overtime BASESALARY
Clues Answers
It helps you get up STEPLADDER
Joan of Arc’s crime HERESY
Like bad butter RANCID
Morally base SORDID
News gp UPI
News source, perhaps LEAK
One of the original Pointer Sisters ANITA
One with a lot of wheels AUTODEALER
Online reminders ENOTES
Online shopping option CHAT
Org. hacked during the 2016 presidential campaign DNC
Organic soy milk brand EDEN
Parish priests VICARS
Passion caused by strips BACONMANIA
Places for piggies? TOOTSIES
Portmanteau for workout clothing worn socially ATHLEISURE
Shorten a yard to mere inches? MOW
Some edible plant parts STALKS
Sounded right RANGTRUE
Splitting target ATOM
Steve McQueen’s co-star in ‘The Getaway’ ALIMACGRAW
Substantial content MEAT
Superfan NUT
Sweat __ GLAND
Texas-Louisiana border river SABINE
Throws wildly, say ERRS
Tweed’s caricaturist NAST
Understanding answer ISEE
Unlit? SOBER
Vein contents ORE
Vein contents DEPOSITS
What it doesn’t hurt to do ASK
Where Excalibur was forged AVALON
Wilde forte EPIGRAM

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