The Washington Post Sunday – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Macbeth’ trio member HAG
‘The Garden of ___’ (Ernest Hemingway book published posthumously) EDEN
‘The gloves ___ off’ ARE
‘Well, looky here!’ OHO
‘___ requests?’ ANY
1973 dramedy about an origami ignoramus? PAPERMORON
1976 sci-fi film about a mystical symbol inside Boston’s airport? LOGANSRUNE
1985 fantasy comedy about author Virginia in her high school days? TEENWOOLF
1995 comedy about little lab maze runners? SMALLRATS
1995 political satire about a guiding light in Ontario? CANADIANBEACON
1996 romantic comedy about the uniquely talented Mr. Crockett? ONEFINEDAVY
2000 sci-fi thriller about a world inhabited by clones of former senator Harry? REIDPLANET
2002 superhero film about a tailless cat with eight legs? SPIDERMANX
2006 dark fantasy film about an intricate series of paths and trousers? PANTSLABYRINTH
2007 superhero film about a haunting AFC West player? GHOSTRAIDER
2012 musical film about the sorcerers’ stone? ROCKOFMAGES
32nd U.S. prez FDR
9-5, e.g SCORE
Absolutely detest HATE
Aimee Mann’s singing partner in the Both TEDLEO
Alkaline solution LYE
Alpha blocker that’s administered to treat an enlarged prostate FLOMAX
Antiques shop item CURIO
Arizona’s ___ National Forest TONTO
Article of war? CARD
Barbecue tidbit RIB
Be braggadocious BOAST
Bean holder POD
Belt holder CHAMP
Berlin vocalist Nunn TERRI
Biathletes’ firearms RIFLES
Big style, briefly FRO
Bigeye tuna AHI
Caesar’s fateful day IDES
Can contribute to decision-making HASASAY
CEO, e.g VIP
Channel with bands MTV
Check on pointers, say PETSIT
Child-ish instruction? SAUTE
Children’s writer Hunt IRENE
Clarifies in writing? EDITS
Close, as a backpack ZIP
Coal product TAR
Coating inside a mouth ENAMEL
Cobbler fruit, at times NECTARINE
Colorful kitchen pest REDANT
Cover up a hole, say SEW
Data fed to a computer INPUT
Deconstruct, as words PARSE
Didn’t just think KNEW
Don Knotts’s quintet EMMYS
Down the road AHEAD
Electrolytic cell part ANODE
Eliminate, electronically DELETE
Eschew a home meal DINEOUT
Estate units ACRES
Explosive compound TNT
Fake ___ TAN
Floral keepsake LEI
Former SNL star Cheri OTERI
Geologist’s time frame EON
German whine ACH
Get comfy NESTLE
Get some rest NAP
Gibbs of ‘The Jeffersons’ MARLA
Grazing ground LEA
Greyhound examiner VET
Greyhound stop DEPOT
Grooms’ attire, maybe TUXES
Half of a sedan’s pair AXLE
Healing ointment BALM
Highland lowlands GLENS
Clues Answers
How Ikea buys goods INBULK
Hungers (for) LUSTS
Insensitivity to pitch TINEAR
Iris holder STEM
Is off target ERRS
Junction point NODE
Kate’s sitcom partner ALLIE
Kellogg’s cereal modeled after the flavor of a chocolaty, marshmallowy treat SMORZ
Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse LEACH
Ladybug marking SPOT
Landscaping gadget EDGER
Like many Anabaptists AMISH
Like some cold weather SLEETY
Little slice of the pie? CRUMB
Magneto, to the X-Men FOE
Malfunctioned ACTEDUP
Marciano’s simulated boxing opponent in the ‘Super Fight’ ALI
Miami Heat all-star Dragic whose first name is an anagram of a ballpark instrument GORAN
Moniker for Tarzan APEMAN
Mouth pieces? LIPS
Mouth-to-mouth ORAL
Obstetric estimation DUEDATE
Oddjob creator Fleming IAN
Oozing stuff GOO
Opposite of new USED
Org. in the bygone show ‘Covert Affairs’ CIA
Original member of the Beatles PETEBEST
Padded item, at times BRA
Parrying blade EPEE
Paul Krugman’s subj ECON
People without lines, and what’s spelled out by the letters added to this puzzle’s films MOVIEEXTRAS
Pianist Watts ANDRE
Pitched just right ONKEY
Place to get some rest SPA
Poe’s ‘ungainly fowl’ RAVEN
Popular payment app VENMO
Pork portion LOIN
Potential GP’s track PREMED
React in amusement CHORTLE
Retail chain with many ‘Rack’ stores NORDSTROM
Scented like some air fresheners PINEY
School with a yearbook called BruinLife UCLA
Scriptural boat ARK
Seal the deal, in slang ICEIT
See 106 Across TAKE
Shoe emanation, often ODOR
Show flexibility ADAPT
Simpson trial surname ITO
Site of Lanikai Beach OAHU
Some forest shelters TENTS
Something that helps make you who you are GENE
Symbol of proudness PEACOCK
Synonym of 37 Across ABHOR
Targeting AIMINGAT
Téa of Hollywood LEONI
Three-point ___ TURN
Tibetan priest LAMA
Ticked off IRATE
Ticked off RILED
Tickle Me ___ ELMO
Toy brand with Imagine building sets KNEX
Unload, as wares SELL
Varnish ingredients RESINS
Vegas payment ANTE
Venus, to Serena SIS
Wade’s opponent ROE
Washroom, briefly LAV
With 4 Down, strong opinion offered shortly after a news event HOT
Woodstock, e.g TOWN
___ dish PETRI
___ Minor URSA

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